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One simple remedy...vinegar. Was told this years ago, works within a minute or two and works everytime for me. Drink 1 to 2 tablespoons straight. Hard to swallow but worth it. You can mix it with a little water and sugar, or eat some pickles, but it don't seem to work as good as taking it straight. Plus taking it straight seems to work really fast.


I have found for acid reflux to immediately sit up and drink some water and eat an apple and a spoonful of apple cigar vinegar will work for me but it takes a few minutes to take effect once the acid reflux has begun....but does work


After one too many times waking up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire, I found this site and tried a few suggestions. Honey? Sweet and slimy - but no help. Peanut butter? Sweet and sticky - still no help. But the apple cider vinegar? After taking a one ounce shot and drinking a small glass of water, I felt like I swallowed a hot coal for about a minute...and then the pain subsided over the next ten minutes. I actually fell asleep for a straight six hours and felt great the next morning. 


I been having Acid Reflux for a long time now. I have tried many different things but with no relief. I came across an article that recommended that raw almonds are good for acid reflex. I decided to give it a try. Just want to say that it has really worked for me. I have much relief and comfort. You can give it a try and then post the results for a proven testimony that it really works. Hope it works for you.


I myself have had heartburn/acid reflux throughout all of my pregnancies.This is baby number 5 and unfortunately I have been up off and on through the night tonight with excruciating pain in my chest,throat,and even in my back.I was on the verge of vomiting when I decided to look up home remedies.I found this page.Several people posted one tablespoon of honey,then I seen that 1 teaspoon of mustard was also posted several times.So me being 5 months pregnant,feeling on the verge of hugging a toilet...I swallowed down a heaping tablespoon of Honey and then exactly 1 teaspoon of mustard.I just want to thank this site!!!!I hate getting sick and i have never tried either of these home remedies until now and I wish to goodness I had known about it before now!!! MAJOR RELIEF*


well this is what worked for me i made up my own diet from somethings from the web and my own. these are the three meals i been eating for the last three weeks. for breakfast i eat a small bowl of oatmeal one toasted wheat bread no butter a banana and bottle water. for lunch i eat white rice one gold microwave potato a small bowl of can spinach one wheat toasted bread and one stalk celery and bottle water. for lunch i eat 2 toasted wheat bread 2 slices of turkey extra lean sandwich meat 1 stalk celery and bottle water. and i have to tell you i feel 80% cured no more chest pain. remember keep your meals small chew your food good before swallowing. 1 bite of celery between each spoon of food. you can substitute the spinach with sweet peas or green beans the potato with powder mash potato. i think the key here is the spinach celery and bananas. i not a church goer but it don't hurt to pray a good luck to all who try this.


I've had Acid Reflux all my life. Couple that with colic and night terrors, I was a difficult baby. My mother didn't really know how to make the pain stop, so as I grew up, I suffered with it and moved on. Recently it's gotten a lot worse, and I needed help. Which is how I found this website. Anyway, enough with the silly backstory...

I was very skeptical of some of the solutions on here, but for quick relief, I've found that laying on my left side really works. Immediate relief from the burning. If its late at night or you're just laying around the house, I suggest this. :)

Joseph Frank

I found that eating a bowl of oatmeal clears my heart burn in seconds and it last for days after! And I had to do this because it isn't healthy to continue to take anti acid pills everyday.


Yoghurt. Consume some every day or thereabouts and its gone.

James R.

For me, I have found that a good cold glass of milk knocks my Acid Reflux right out. I woke up this morning a little after midnight with my chest up burning. Really felt the difference after one good swallow!

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