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Looney Lonnie

I have tried OTC's and spent so much money on them with little to no relief. Besides the GERD and Acid Reflux, I have some heart issues also(thankfully mild so far), but then I have the COPD (Emphysema)and stomach ulcers. I'm on oxygen-3 liters 19 hours a day. When I get those burp-type-throat-ickiness things, I sometimes get SOB with it and chest pains. I've been to ER or ED so many times thinking I was having a heart attack (which gets my anxiety going) and find out instead that it's my fibromyalgia (which can imitate a heart attack sometimes) Personally, I'm done with all the expensive stuff and I've done two things that have helped. I added a tsp. of honey to a T of peanut butter, mixed and swallowed. I can tell you only this; it works wonderfully for me. I don't know why it works, but it does. I'm a mess physically, 69 years old, quit smoking 8 months ago, trying to eat milder stuff and healthier. I walk a lot and that too seems to help the...well everything. I'm also overweight and I've been told this will probably stop altogether when I get back down. I hope this helps someone.

Reggie Treadwell

I have had acid reflux for 11 years. The best remedy for it without medicine a large apple or two, it coats the stomach as a lining. If I don't have any apples then alka seltzer is always a life saver. It gets straight to the problem. Prescription medicine and over the counter medicine for have harmful side effects and can cause things to get worst.


I have dealt with Acid Reflux for years. I have taken numerous prescribed medications. The one I am on now is Omeprazole, which seems to work for the most part. Today I ate blueberries on my cereal, had jello with pineapple in it, and spaghetti for dinner. Tonight I am suffering. I have read all the things everyone has done, and I will try them. It is true, Vinegar neutralizes acid. The Peanut butter generally eat a large spoon full every day just because I like it. I haven't had it in 2 days, and am suffering... now I know. I am glad to learn about the banana, raw almonds which I generally eat some daily but ran out, oatmeal, yogurt, almond milk, spoonful of mustard & honey, apple with meals, peppermint, black licorice, pickle jc, rice water, Humano Growth product. I will start planning my menue and grocery list accordingly. I am concerned about the baking soda tho. Once in a while, I am sure, won't hurt, but, my grandfather did that for many years and the added salt was very detrimental; so I would suggest not doing it on a regular basis... or consult your doctor.
Doctor Oz talked about this today on his show, and he said to stay away or limit acidic foods: berries, citrus, tomatoes, spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine. Well, there you go... it has just limited most of my diet.... ha ha. He also suggested not to eat heavy after 8 p.m. My dad and his dad had acid reflux, so I think I am the 'lucky one' who inherited this from them. I have heard that taking the prescribed medications on a daily basis can also slow down the digestion process. So, thanks all for all your suggestions... I wrote it all down and am going to make sure I keep all these things you mentioned in my pantry.


The best thing ive found for acid reflux is to boil rice bout fifteen minutes drain the soup off it add a little salt let it cool but dont let it get cold drink it its like a miracle cure instantly


Take 1 Tbsp of baking soda and mix with 1/2 cup of's 12:00am and my acid reflux just kicked in bad, so I did the above and it gave me a lot of QUICK relief! I've been on Nexium for over 10years and let me tell you it's terrible the side effects! I recently quit and I just wanted to say thanks EVERYONE on this forum for taking the time to add your suggestions. I can't wait to start trying them all.


I am completely stunned. After reading the treatment suggestions in this line of posts, I decided the thing I could bear most easily (and what I had in the house) was pickle juice. Holy cow if that didn't work right away! Based on the results, I assume vinegar would work as well. I'm currently taking Dexilant, but still get a very sour and burning throat by the afternoon or evening. Now I know that when that starts, I'll pull out the pickle jar.

Amy O.

I've been suffering from GERD for more than 3 years and last October had the Nissen Fundiplication surgery but it didn't help because I have slow motility digestion issues. Because of the reflux, I have a hard time sleeping. My husband, who works out constantly, suggested that I take a Humano Growth product to help with the sleeping. I took 4 of these capsules one night and it completely took away the reflux! I've tried everything you can think of including acid reducing medicines: Nexium, Aciphex, Protonics, natural medicines, vinegar, pickle juice,etc. and this stuff has changed my life. It's something to do with the way it drops your cortisol level, reduces excessive phlegm production, etc. All I know if that it works and it's all natural. My husband's friend, Gene Labrada at provides my husband with his supplements. Good luck!


Chew a stick of peppermint gum. Cheap and Simple


This site is a lifesaver. I have struggled with acid reflux since I was 14 and have never really found a way to help it. Tums and anti-acids really didnt work for me..almost made the pain worse. A few months ago I saw a few people on here post about pickle juice. That worked wonders for me for a few times...then it stopped giving me relief. So here I am tonight. It's now 6:30am, and I've been up since 2. Saw on here a mustard and honey post and just gave it a try a few minutes ago. I have a little relief, but still in quite a bit of pain. I'll give it awhile longer before I try something new. But for anyone looking for quick relief, do pickle juice! I don't know why it stopped working for me after a few months, but it was amazing while it lasted!


Believe it or not but eating a spoonful of yellow mustard will help get rid of heartburn/acid reflux almost instantly. It has helped all the people in my family that have tried it. Hope this helps!

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