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My daughtered suffered from terrible acid reflux. We didn't want to just mask syptoms, we wanted to cure her so we contacted Dr. Micahel Colgan of the Colgan Institute in Canada. He put her on a very strict low acid diet of fruits, veggies, select lowfat dairy, some nuts and no red meats, no grains, no sugars, no high fat foods (I beleive he has a list of foods on his websight). He also put her on an amazing high acidophilus yogurt called BIO K+ which you can get at Whole Foods and other health food stores. Within 1 week her spymptoms were gone. She had to stay on this program for about 9 months but has since been completely (2 years now) cured and is back to a normal diet. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKED.


Apple cider vinegar is best for any form of indigestion (including neck indigestion, chest pain and indigestion, stomach, digestion, etc.) - better than(at least as good as) any medicine than you can take. Take about 2-3 teaspoons per 16 oz. of water and make sure that you mix it well and use straws(important - teeth). Also, note that it is an if all else fails type of solution, because of vinegar's effect as it directly touches your teeth. Try ketchup and mustard(I put up the original ketchup mustard post, too; forgot to sign it) first, as it works for nearly all stomach and chest indigestion. For acid reflux or neck indigestion, you may want to forgo the ketchup and mustard and use vinegar the water mixture above. If neither of these cocktails works, then you may have something serious and the problem may need iatrogenic care. That's how good these remedies are!


I was diagnosed with acid reflux. My throat was torn up and all that lovely stuff that comes with it. My doctor told me the best solution was to drink a can of slimfast a day.
Actually worked for me, healed my throat up, and I haven't had a case of acid reflux in about 4 months.

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Acid reflux comes from lack of acid in your body. Taking a teaspoon of vinegar will give your body the acid that it needs to stop the pain. Or you can eat a pickle or pineapple. This should help you with your problem.


I have really bad Heart burn/Acid Reflux. I have erosions on my esphogus. I have tried this and it helps a great deal. Before each meal eat a piece of celery. Do not place anything on it but make sure it is cut in a slender piece and eat one before your meal and one after. It calms the acid in your stomach and helps you digest your food better. I have had this problem for 25 years and trying this has really been a blessing. God Bless.

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when i turned 18 i started getting acid reflux real bad, tried everything, tums, rolaids, prilosec. as i turned 21 still having it and goin to the hospital for kidney stones i tried raw apple cider vineager(follow label) and super digestive emzymes for 2 weeks i am 23 now and feel great. i do have small flare up now and again but it doesnt bother me like to used to. I feel great


for acid reflux eat pineapple everyday ,acid reflux comes from lack of enzynes in the foods we eat , our stomach produces acid to break down food and enzynes neutralizes the acid


eat a banana. it works fast and lasts. bananas also help general stomach upset and diarreah.


Have relux real bed?? bad gas?? I found on the net a great way to fix it.... 1 teaspoon of rice vinger, or apple cider vinger, all though i only tried the rice for it was all i had in the house, but the pain i was feeling was beyond normal gas, and it was teaspoon and as soon as it went down it help me so much. Please try this and pass it on...

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