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23 Home Remedies for Diabetes


Grind the follow in a dry mixer/grinder
1 Fenugreek seeds(methi seeds)=100gms
2 Cinnamon sticks(daalcheeni)=100gms
3 Bay leaves(teej patta)= 5 to 6 leaves
4 Cloves (Lauang) = 7 to 8 pcs
5 Cummin Seeds (Jeera) = 2 tbl spoon
6 Big Cardamum (Moti elachi) 4 to 6 pcs
7 Black Salt(Kala namak) = 50 gms
8 black pepper(kali mirach)= 50 gms
9 Turmeric(Haldi powder) = 20 gms

put the powder mix in a air tight container. Mix a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water and add lemon juice and drink it empty stomach 1st thing in the morning. You can also take it after night dinner mix 1 T-Spoon with yogut(dahi).
Also eat raw garlic 3-4 pcs (one full garlic is made of many small individual pcs).
Eat 1 raw onion every day with dinner.
The ideal would be to make a salad of onions/garlic/cucumber/tomatos/lemon juice

Eat roti(chapati) insted of rice
Try this remedies for 30 days, measure your blood sugar before starting this and then measure after 30 days....feel the difference.

All the best


Bitter Melon is good for lowering blood sugar. It comes in capsules or tea. It can help one get off of their prescription medication and avoid taking insulin shots.

Caution: Be careful if you're already on diabetes meds, as this supplement will make your blood sugar too low.


Try Bilberry Extract 1000mg softgels capsules. It helped me with vision problems associated with type 2 diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels.Please research and you will find out the benefits of this safe alternative.


Make sure and check your sugar more then three times a day. If it gets low eat protein, people think candy helps ,but it takes longer to act. If it gets over 400 do not exercise, but sit and drink tons of water, you do not want to shoot insulin in your body to make it go higher. Below 300, take a walk, it should help, still drink water, also if you get hungrey when your sugar is high, eat protein:Steak, Chicken, not a lot of fats. Hope that helps.


A great deal of research being done shows that roughly 1000MG of cinnamon daily has a marked effect on reducing blood sugar. They have also found when doing the research that it helps reduce cholesterol.

John Wakamoto

Sibedrian Ginseng Extract supplies 150 mg. of siberian ginsend root extract in each capsule. Siberian Ginseng strengthens the adrenal and reproductive glands. It enhances immune function, promotes lung functioning and stimulates the appetite. Siberian Ginseng is useful for bronchitis, circulatory problems, diabetes, infertility, lack of energy, protect against the effects of radiation exposure.

John Wakamoto

Take Garlic in capsules it helps circulation and regulates sugar level

John Wakamoto

500 mg of L-glutamine and taurine a day to reduce sugar craving and to help release insulin.

John Wakamoto

Take 400 mcg, a day of chromium picolinate makes insulin more efficient helping keep sugar level low. Chromium maintains stable blood sugar levels through proper insulin utilization and can be helpful for people with diabetes and /or hypoglycemia.

John Wakamoto

Alpha Lipoic acid It helps to control sugar level in the blood. Alpha lipoic acid is considered amoung the elite, multipurpose antioxidants.

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