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55 Home Remedies for Depression


go for a 30 minute walk. that helps me out. also smile alot and try to talk to strangers. prayer also helps. and caffeine does it, if you feel down.


To treat depression one should do things to take their mind off of whatever the problem may be. One should surround themselves with lots of loved one and PRAY there is so much power in PRAYER. It's amazing believe me.

Becca Rose

If you feel yourself getting depressed, do a chore like taking out the garbage or washing the outside windows. Getting active, being outside, and doing something productive all help, even if at first you really don't want to even move.


Get plenty of sleep and don't stay up late being idle. Sleep greatly improves or worsens my symptoms depending on the amount. Late at night is the worst time, especially if you are alone.


If you are feeling depressed try not to distance yourself from friends and family. It feels like the world is against you, but if you stay close to the ones who love you, they can keep you focused. Depression cannot be fought alone. Everyone needs someone to stand by them. If that is not possible, use your faith (whatever that may be) to guide you.


There is a difference between depression and bi-pilor disorder. If you are bi-polar, a new study shows that anti-depressants can make you more depressed, even suicidal. If you are on an anti-depressant and you are bi-polar ask your doctor about taking a mood stablizer and anti anxiety medicine instead. I am bi-polar and anti-depressants made me worse.


Having a professional massage is not only de-stressing and relaxing, but it also increases endorphins, easing depression and inspiring an overall feeling of well-being.

La Vern De Wilde

St Johns Wort two capsules once to three times per day will elevate one's thinking.


I recomend if natural remedies don't work, please have your family and friends closer to you. Natural light is good and flowers nature, and fresh air. When this does not work please seek help as I did. I found out i'm bipolar. I felt like I was not worth it, I have three kids and helped myself for not only me but the people who love me. Now I can deal with life as it comes.


Flowers that smell good, colorful lights, and sunshine are all good in helping with depression. Just getting some fresh air can help too.

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