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53 Home Remedies for Depression


This might sound dumb but watch children cartoons such as spongebob they will boost ur mood i mean it worked for me and ive suffered frm depression sice i was a young child and once i had my own child i sat down one day and watched the channel he was watchin and i stated to laugh yes it actually made me feel better that day i went out and my mom was like omg u look like ur glowing if this dnt work take walks

5-HTP is an herb that balances out the serotonin in your brain which helps balance you out. It also helps you get a good night's rest.


For mild bouts of depression, I go tanning. The vitamin D in sunshine can make you instantly feel better.
Also.. retail therapy. Nothing makes me happier than a new pair of shoes. (seriously)


Eat a banana, the potasium in bananas makes you happy!!!!

Linda T.

Sunbathing (in a bathing suit, not full clothes) for 20 minutes has never failed to bring very significant relief to my depression and anxiety - besides giving me a pretty color to my skin and clearing up minor skin problems. This, too, cheers me up!


Exercise. Moderate activity will promote higher levels of endorphines in the body. These supposedly act as, so to speak, 'pain-killers' and are good for emotional well-being. The degree of effect will vary from person to person. Nonetheless, exercise is still beneficial to overall health.


My doctor told me that a low iron count can also give symptoms of depression, and to take iron pills, 1 per day. Please be careful with this, as you can overdose on iron. It doesn't work overnight, but will help in a week or two.


One possible treatment for depression (esp. Seasonal Affective Disorder) is increased exposure to full spectrum light. Use unfiltered sunlight or light from a 5000K fluorescent lamp (e.g. GE F15T8-SR held 8-12' from the face for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening).


go for a 30 minute walk. that helps me out. also smile alot and try to talk to strangers. prayer also helps. and caffeine does it, if you feel down.


To treat depression one should do things to take their mind off of whatever the problem may be. One should surround themselves with lots of loved one and PRAY there is so much power in PRAYER. It's amazing believe me.

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