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55 Home Remedies for Depression

You are not alone

I am currently diagnosed with bipolar depression. I have realized that for me being with family and friends and listening to music keeps me from thinking of my depression. When I am with family and friends I think about what I am doing, and when I listen to music I think about music. If you are depressed, you will get through it. I am not through it yet but I am getting better. Good Luck! People care about you! Think about who you are effecting...


music. i listen to demi lovato. (i know it's a kid thing) but you can just picture her smiling as she sings,wich helps


make some kind of mint tea (ex,peppermint,spearmint). then breath in the vapors. and drink it of course! :)


For Depression that is related to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D, trying taking 400 ui of vitamin D everyday. Vitamin D defficiency can lead to depression espcially when the sun is not out (when we can't produce our own vitamin D), which is why you may find yourself becoming more depressed when it's dark and dreary outside.

Jon Read

Most anti depression remedies are taken orally and will contain some sort of artificial seretoning replacement.
Seretoning being the substance naturally produced by our bodies from the natural daylight our eyes retina receives.
Lack of daylight through shortening daylight hours or peoples work enviroments causes our bodies to produce too much Melatoning,the substance responsible for making us feel run down and lethargic.Now because of the fact that Melatoning uses Seretoning as part of its own production is it any wonder there are so many of us run down, fed up and depressed.The name given to this condition is SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (S.A.D).
Some of the simptoms include;
Interupted sleep patterns ie waking up in the middle of the night with your mind racing so not being able to go back to sleep easily.
Feeling excessively tied during the day.
Feeling run down and lathargic.
Finding it hard to consentrate.
Eating more carbohydrates and so putting on more weight.
The natural cure for this condition that most of us suffer with is to purchase a natural daylight lightbox.Theres a few on the market but becarefull some of them dont ommit the relevent level of light required to benifit.
I would recomend the BRITEBOX ENERGISE,
its been reduced from £210 to £169 and is classed as a medical devise so is vat exempt.
Next day delivery also included.


Meditation. You have to find a good teacher. I learn meditation in Bali..if you have the time and money to go there, please do ('ll transform your life! If not, try to find a good teacher somewhere else..


SSRI + NDRI + good quality Multivitamin. Some mind tools - (there are also many others) distraction, visualization, emotion replacement, hobbies. Everyone is different, but for me personally this combination has worked awesomely after an 8 year ashen struggle (which went up/down like a stock chart, depending on the treatments). Good luck, and remember, just as hell has an entrance, it has an exit, too.


music. music is a powerful weapon against depression. it can be fast or slow, whatever goes with you. I personally listen to Evanescence, its dark, deep and mostly morbid, but the music is talking about what i'm going through and it helps to relate. try it


Meditate, I cannot stress this enough. I was depressed after a girl incident. I tried (Sheep) meds, excercising, etc. Nothing seemed to go 100%, I was extremely desperate for a cure. Then I though of meditating , I did this twice a day it helped a lot. It may not work for all but it worked for me and a few of my friends. Peace /


Hi! A good remedy for depression is if you have an instrument improvise and play some blues. If you need to go cry go right ahead but keep plaing the blues till you feel at least slighty better. It works for me.

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