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53 Home Remedies for Depression

Zara Murtaza

This remedy is the easiest one
its a 1 minute remedy that will keep you happy for whole day
All you need is a smile on your face while thinking that how lucky you are that God has given you so much
forget those small problems
once your happy everything will get in your control
Trust me
the main reason is stress
and this stress depends on u
whether increase it or decrease it


I've struggled with depression for several years now;I don't want to go on medication because I'm young and I know my brain is still developing and my hormones still need a little time to balance out (I'm 19). There are a few practical things I do when I'm feeling down. Doing yoga or hard excercise (or both) usually helps tremendously. Preparing and eating a good natural meal with other people always makes me feel better too. But two things that are SO IMPORTANT are prayer and talking to people about it. Promise a friend that you will tell them when you're having suicidal or depressing thoughts (preferably someone who understands depression first hand) and talk to God. Diet and medication and excercise can always change but God is always listening and ready to hear what you have to say. You are never completely alone. Always remember that!

7 ways music effect the body

Listening to actual non-terrible music has an additional effect, since pleasurable music releases dopamine that simply makes certain parts of your brain function better (particularly if they were damaged before).

Sara Eastern

As a late middle-aged woman, who has suffered from long bouts of severe depression since childhood, I consider myself quite an expert on this subject.
I find that when I really activate my energy (by running, dancing or chanting) the depression lifts. Really push yourself to expand beyond your perceived limits. The aerobic effect is paramount, and a bit of puffing and panting can be most refreshing when You've been slumped for a while. It also helps to let go of anything that You know is undermining your well-being In my case I have recently chosen to give up pot, coffee and wheat products, with excellent results on the many levels. I KNOW that tobacco must be the next to go, and that I must re-establish my 'running' regime ASAP .........


Depression runs in my Family and I am currently on meds. However I would still have those weak moments of panic. Where you just don't feel like yourself...even weak minded and scared at times. I started taking MSM and within 2 weeks my mind clarity was SO MUCH BETTER!! Those moments of uncertainty and panic are gone. I plan on taking this stuff for the rest of my life because it's so cheap and works miracles for Skin, Depression, COPD, Diabetes, Pain and AWESOME for Allergies too!! I am thinking about weaning myself off my Depression Meds now to see if this MSM takes care of it on it's own. I am thrilled with all that MSM does for the body.


If you got anxious or depression prob then s good remedy is to go get a treatment an get your body on good shape eat healthy an exercise an don't sleep to long in the mornings an not get to bed to late an no alcohol or drug abuse an try to keep your mind focus on doing some work around the house or go to work if you can not just sit at home not doin nothin that is the worst thing for it that you
can find to do if you got depression an anxiety prob . And take your medication like prescription is filled put by your doc . Then I thinly you'll find it a lot easier to deal with it .


i know it sounds crazy but to be happier,EAT A BANANA!!!bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.


I was diagnosed with severe depression, to the point of cutting myself and committed suicide. Turned out I was bi-polar plus I was very stressed out. I have fully recovered and i now hope that all who are depressed realize that you are not alone! I still have the cars to prove that even when it is bad their are always people their that love you! YOU ARE LOVED AND NOT ALONE!!!!

You are not alone

I am currently diagnosed with bipolar depression. I have realized that for me being with family and friends and listening to music keeps me from thinking of my depression. When I am with family and friends I think about what I am doing, and when I listen to music I think about music. If you are depressed, you will get through it. I am not through it yet but I am getting better. Good Luck! People care about you! Think about who you are effecting...


music. i listen to demi lovato. (i know it's a kid thing) but you can just picture her smiling as she sings,wich helps

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