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Joanne D

A very gentle and soothing remedy for scabies that really works is- one quarter teaspoon yellow flowers of sulphur(I bought from a farm animal supply store), mixed with one half teaspoon olive oil and three teaspoons of yoghurt. Keep it in the fridge and smooth over the itchy areas. Scabies HATE sulphur, and it is such a fine dust that it gets right into the pores. Don't get it in your eyes, or mix straight with water on your face or skin-it burns- but in this ratio it's fine. So cool and soothing and gentle, and CHEAP!!!


I have had scabies. It was awful. I have sensitive skin, therefore it caused an all-body breakout of small red bumps that itched like crazy. I tried everything-fancy cream, special lotions, oatmeal baths, epsom salt baths, and more. Nothing was working. I finally went to the Dermatologist and he gave me some pills to take everyday and a special cream to apply. After only two days, i was all cleared up and feeling much better. I know this site is for home remedies, but the only thing to do for scabies is to see a Dermatologist. Not a regular doctor, because mine did not help me at all. You need to see a dermatologist. I hoe you'll take my advice. Thanks.

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