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First of all, let me just say that you can never know what causes a kidney stone unless it is analyzed by the proper doctors. I am 37yrs old and I have had 2 lithotrypsies and both stones were way different from each other. I developed the first one when I was pregnant, found out after I had my son, that it was constructed of sodium (salt). My second one came 10-11 years later and was made up of calcium oxilate (not even close to dairy). The second one ended up giving me a list of at least 50 foods and drinks I had to avoid. And the list was strange because the whole list didnt fit together. EX.... chocolate, okra, ground black pepper, seeded berries, green beans....SEE WHAT I MEAN. The best thing you can do for any kidney stones is cranberry juice, cranberry pills, and ABSOLUTELY making sure your diets are all in moderation. Remember folks....this is a true statement..once a kidney stone carrier...ALWAYS a kidney stone carrier. I pass 3-5 stones every month. Told you my list was big.

Mama Bear

Last night I was searching for a remedy for kidney stones as my hubby got a pain on the left side of his lower back. He tried drinking plenty of water but it seemed not working as he is urinating very little. On your site, we found some information so decided to try the natural remedy. I took 2 tbsp of Bragg Apple Cider vinegar + 1 tsp of honey + 1 cup of lukewarm water. After he took the drink, every hour he started urinating and the pain is gone. Thank You !!!


If you experience abnormal lower back pain that intensifies on definitely have a BAD KIDNEY ISSUE....i recommend one of the remedy submitted earlier....1/2 tbspoon of baking soda in 8 oz(1 glass of water) atleast thrice a day!(tastes crap but exteremely effective!!)..........just keep on drinking water all day....seriously drink until u urinate...and thenn drink again........use conc,lemon water for faster effects...............
you follow this and i bet you will be fine in max three days as if nothin ever happened to you!!!
P.S: experienced it personally!!


First let me say I am a bit if an expert on personal experience with stones , I have had them over thirty times, and 3 lithotrypsys to have larger ones broken up. If you feel that real pain starting don't let it become intense, in fact start drinking as much fluid as possible, except caffeine drinks, they will cause more pain, drink until you can't drink any more and continue every five minutes. The pain comes from the stone moving from the kidney to the urethra but its at a normal filtration rate. The trick is basically flushing the kidney. It's like pulling a band aid off fast vs slow. Yes it will still hurt but instead of the pain that can disable you for hours it will only last about 30 minutes. Faster then pain medicine will kick in. Pain mess help with larger stones but for anything under 8 mm I recommend the flush. The hospital does the same thing with I.v. fluids but they add pain and anti nausea medicine usually, but after a few days if pain medicine the withdraws are not worth the 30 minutes you needed them. I.v. fluid is also slower then force drinking. Trust me it has worked on my last 6 stones the largest 6 mm the smallest 3 mm and all were the same, about 30-45 minutes if the drinking the stone was flushed and passed within the next ten hours

Steve Reid

I had many kidney stones over the past 20 years. Went to the hospital 4 times. Finally I read a nutrition book by Adelle Davis, Let's Get Well, published in the 1970's. On her advice, I started taking 3 B6 tablets a day, and a calcium/magnesium tablet. I also started drinking the juice of at least one lemon per day. I still get some very small stones when I miss a day or two, but other than that, no more problems. I flunked chemistry, so I have no idea why this worked.


Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved my husbands kidney stone. It only took 1 drink concoction of 2 TBS apple cider vinegar and we added 1 TBS lemon juice too (can mix in water or whatever). Within 4 hours he was pain free. Anything that is highly acidic will help with kidney stones. Most stones are from people not drinking enough water on a daily basis.


I got this remedy from an old farmer. It has worked for me twice, and several others. When you're in that much pain, what have you to lose? Eat one pound of raw asparagus while drinking a six pack of coca cola. The stones I was to have removed, dissolved and came out as tiny granules in my pee painlessly within hours. I was told it may take two times if they are really bad, but once worked for me.


After a year or two of kidney stones, and ending up in the hospital. I discovered at the first twitch of a stone, I start drinking unsweetened grapefruit juice, about 6-8 oz. a day for about a week, and presto they are gone. My father would drink lemonade for the same effect. Your choice.

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