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38 Home Remedies for Kidney Stones


Toss a bunch of cilantro, a few leaves of celery, and ginger into the juicer and have first thing in the am this will definitely cleanse the kidney. Boiling the cilantro will kill the beneficial enzymes.


Juice of two lemons, 1 to 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1to 2 tbsp of olive oil. Drink the concoction and it will help the stone break down.The olive oil helps the stones pass through and not get blocked. Also fill a 2 litre bottle of water and keep drinking through the day. You will feel a bit of pain as the stone comes down and also will be going to the toilet a lot but keep drinking water. It will flush everything out. I drank more of the concoction above during the day when I had that feeling of tightness in my upper side and thinking bits of stones might be trapped. So kept on drinking lots of water and going toilet and by the evening felt better. I was no more going toilet every ten minutes. The next morning, made another concoction in the hope of clearing any leftover particles. So important to watch out and keep away from those high oxalate food... no more cashew nuts for me. Will also be drinking the concoction occasionally to keep my kidneys clear. However, on a daily basis or every other day, I tend to drink lemon juice with honey and water.

I had a 12mm stone years ago. I went to the doctors three times that year, was ignored and told to just drink water. So stone got really big and was in agony. After having a lithotripsy, I was rushed to A&E and had to have a three hour operation to have a stent fitted to remove the stones that got blocked from the lithotripsy. So went through a lot of pain and difficult time and since then I have been very careful what I eat and drink. Lemon has been a great friend to me since. The concoction above is one I found here and has been fantastic. So thank you to everyone for all your help and advice.


This is my 2nd bout of kidney stones in 30 years. I was in so much pain NONE of the Dr. prescribed Narcotic pain killers worked! After 2 days of suffering and wishing I would die at 2:00am my wife read this post. We only had Apple Cider Vinigar in the house so I shot 2oz on the spot and mixed 4oz in 2 liter bottle of water. I drank an 8oz glass once an hour. After an hour the pain was much less... 2 hours I was relaxed enough to cat nap...4 hours I passed 2 stones with ease...The stones looked like mucus... after 6 hours I was peeing NORMAL...PAIN FREE. I am writing this 16 hours latter in perfect condition again. ACV tastes like crap but is my new best friend!!!


Bless you all! Previously had a severely painful stone, and hospital did a scan, and scheduled surgery four days in future.(.6 size stone) (Very arrogant 'Resident' MD)
I did the AC Vinegar & lemon juice for three days; & the doc did an additional scan the day before surgery. They were
shocked to find the stone gone. In typical traditional MD fashion,they attributed it to something else; not my ACV regimen. But I am pain free, and know better!! Thanks a million! Joe


Twice a day for as long as it takes to break down the kidney stone

1/3 cup of lemon juice
1/3 cup of distilled vinegar
1/3 cup of cranberry juice

follow this with four 8 oz. glasses of water


Mix 6 oz pineapple juice, 6 oz. tonic water. put a pinch of ground nutmeg, and a pinch of ground cinnamon, on palm of hand Lick and wash down with the juice/tonic. pineapple juice will cleanse the kidney, tonic will relax stomach muscles, cinnamon will help with infection, and nutmeg will soften/dissolve stones. Really works good. helps with discomfort too. doesn't taste bad either (like pineapple soda)but cinn/nutmeg very dry 3 times a day. stones pass 1-3 days usually depending on size


Kidney Stones:
Drink a 6-pack of Coca Cola (Coke) followed by a 1/4 of a cup of pureed Asparagus


Drink 2 table spoons ever 4 hrs of pickle juice.( vinegar) breaks down the calcium deposits that cause kidney stones. I know it helped my husband when he did it also drink plenty of warm water .

Yogesh P

Mix 6 -8 teaspoon ACV in 3 liters of purified water and drink throughout whole day instead of plain water. Your pain will subsidized in 2 days as the sharp edges of kidney stone starts dissolving. Have a x-ray or sonography done in 20-30 days u will find reduction in size or no stone. ACV now available in india on :


I develop kidney stones every month!My Kidneys Are Factory Of Stones!No DOUBT!lol
Well cranberry juice and mixture of olive oil and lemon works outstanding!and if not then go jump it will pass out of gravity pull!depending on the size!
best wishes!

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