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5 Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginitis


I tried Hydrogen peroxide it worked for a bit but no longer. RePhresh,tea tree,yogurt,acv and all-didn't help.

I bought folic acid and B6. I take 1600mcg of folic and 100mg of B6,this worked for me the first night. Within 20 minutes of taking the vitamins I had no smell and my vag felt like it was back to normal. I've been taking for three days now and it's been a God-send.


I used vitamin c with rose hips 1000mg CAPLETS (oblong) for 2 days. So far, it appears the symptons have gone. there was absolutely no burning, maybe because the caplet is coated and not the dissolvable/chewable TABLETS. The odor left as well and I smelled more like my natural self. Thanks, I thought I was the only person with this problem.

Natural Momma

So I was just about to stick a bunch of cream prescription about my v for my 1st ever BV diagnosis when I began (accidently) to read the fine print while looking for applicator instructions. That stuff is scary! It's a known carcinogenic and we are told by trusted doctors to stick it up our vaginas! Plus I'm still breastfeeding and it clearly states that the effects are unknown... I'm not taking the risk! Knowing that coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, I used the applicator to squirt the oil inside instead. I have high hopes since coconut oil is my go to for everything!


Please help! My Dr recently diagnosed me with BV. This is after 15 years of suffering and misdiagnosis. The antibiotics cleared it up but once my hubby and I had sex, it came right back. We're both treating ourselves with the tea tree regimen and changing my diet. I mainly have issues with severe cramping in my lower abdomen. It keeps me up at night. Any others out there deal with this?


So I tried the best and easiest remedy to get rid of BV!! Every month after my cycle I always seem to get a BV! I used to be so embarrassed about this but it's very common for the Ph balance to get out of whack after your cycle. So I simply soaked a tampon in 2% milk (although any milk will work I'm sure) for a min and let sit for about 2 hours in your VJJ and remove. I promice it instantly helped with the odor and the next morning the discharge was gone and no odor! I was skeptical at first to try but it worked so well so I thought I would pass it on!!

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