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3 Home Remedies for Body Odor


I also had a body odor. Nobody could tolerate me. I found baking soda is great.I rubbed it on my underarm and the bad odor was gone away.


Hi I am Michelle from Singapore. My teenager daughter has terrible body odor and I have done everything I could to help get rid her body odor but nothing worked. I was introduced to this unique Teviron health garment made from Japan and after several weeks after wearing, her blouse smelled horrible its just like her body odor was transferred to the blouse! We were so amazed:) Now she wears the Teviron inner garment and panties I make sure Teviron is the first layer that touches her skin. Btw the negative ion panties get rid of menstruation cramps and pain. Later I found out that this garment was invented by the Japanese and it help with most chronic diseases too. Check on Google for 'Jenny Lim Singapore Distributor Negative Ion Clothing' you can get in touch with her.


My husband and i both use this drink called V-freshner its this drink that you drink a little of everyday it actually works

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