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3 Home Remedies for Anti-Aging


3 tsp jojoba oil

3 tsp apricot kernel oil

3 tsp rosehip seed oil

5 drops carrot seed essential oil

1 to 1.5 tsp beeswax

Add all ingredients. Microwave until warm (not too hot), just beeswax pieces start to melt. Stir well until all of the pieces are fully melted and everything is blended. Allow mixture to cool, stirring occasionally. Mix well once cooled and put into a sealable container.

Better to use at night since it has a slightly greasy feel on your skin. For daytime, in the morning after washing and before applying makeup, I use the apricot seed oil alone to moisturize my face since it is light, absorbs well and doesn’t feel greasy and, wow! I will never waste another penny on anti aging products. I’ve tried so many and even some expensive ones. All of which did absolutely nothing but with this natural, cheap mixture I saw results within a couple days. Skin tone was more even, skin looked healthy and hydrated and fine lines were less visible. Been using this for over 2 years and still love it. Try it. I guarantee it will cost you less than most anti aging products out there and it’s natural, safe and effective. Enjoy and hopefully you love this as much as I do.


Goats milk, wipe over face to cleanse,then bath face and neck with it, leave for 2hrs then rinse off, then rub some into forehead,under the eyes,and neck, follow with a deep moisturising cream, the best one is eavning primrose oil moisturiser, will firm brighten, and your skin will be glowing, can see the results after two days, I sleep with it on my face twice a week, firms my face, it banished my fine lines, and evened out my skin tone is great as a cleansing lotion, also use honey, damp face with mineral water, and smear the honey all over your face, leave 20 mins to an hr rinse with warm bottled water your face will feel super smooth, alternatively there's Greek yogurt cleansce the face with this and rub all over is a great moisturiser, put on cotton pad to cleanse instead of shop bought cleansers. If you don't wash your face in tap water and neck, will keep skin youthful, I use bottled water on my face and neck. I think it's the secret to anti ageing, but use a moisturiser on face and neck afterwards, moisturising last thing at night I find gas more effect.,,,,,,


I drink water mixed with black vinegar for anti-aging and losing weight.
I used apple cider vinegar before but I found out that black vinegar has more anti-aging properties and better for losing weight. So I always at least 1 cup of water mixed with a moderate amount of black vinegar. FYI, I use Japanese black vinegar which is naturally fermented and brewed. I guess most people know that fermented food is very good for your health in general. These days, I'm drinking Kakuida black vinegar which is one of the most famous in I heard. I'm sure you can find it on Internet or something. Good luck and happy anti-aging and losing weight! :)

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