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6 Home Remedies for Cracked Tooth


So, the usual... Pain pain pain. Cracked opened molar top right corner. I took throat spray and sprayed on my finger applied straight to the tooth. Then I took a piece of toilet paper sprayed it with the throat spray. Covered the tooth with it. Held it down for awhile and it's gone from a 10-2ish almost completely gone. I dont know how long it's gonna be like this but I have work in 4 hours so let just pray! I can't actually bite down on the toilet over with out me wanting to cry. Been up since 4:30 and its 6am now. Oh btw I have a washrag to spit into due to the taste and it being numb! I pray it works for you or someone. tooth pain drains you. Smh. Good night!!

lucy roz

Over 5 years ago, my back molar, bottom, broke. Piece by piece it came off, until there was this little peak left. Each time using SESAME OIL I keep in my fridge as a tooth RINSE seemed to ease the pain. Then the molar next to it broke - PAIN. A dental filler found everywhere eased the pain until the filler came out. 3 days later, it was unbearable. Emergency room, antibiotics, narcos and numbing shot. Another 3 days later it was fine. That was two months ago. Now I bit on something, and renewed pain, but not as bad as the first time around. If I use the back molar repeatedly for chewing, I get pain. So I made a Chlorohexine solutions from a pet supply shop at .16%, Sesame oil in the mouth for at least 20 minutes, Dollar Tree dental filler, and I remain pain free. Hopefully I will save 700 for a partial and get these two broken molars replaced. That should be sometime next year, at a low cost dental clinic that is booked up for two years.


UTTER IMPORTANCE. COVER THE HOLE WITH TEMPORARY FILLING FOUND AT WALMART, WALGREENS ETC. Now after the pain is gone. Dont, do not, push going to the dentist. Get it taken care of.


I had an exposed nerve and it was the worse pain I had ever experience. I tried everything and nothing seems to stop it. I eventually converted the chip with the wax that is prescribed to people with Braces to stop the metal running against their cheeky and the pain was instantly gone! The wax covered the exposed nerve


I was having pain in my wisdom teeth due to missing fillings and cracked teeth. I stuffed pieces of small pieces of tissue into the cracks and places where the pain was concentrated.. In any crevice. Now I can get some sleep.


I tried everything n had to hold water in mouth constanstly to get any kind of relief. A friend finally brought me clove oil... it stung a lil, but its been 20 minutes n its the longest I haven't had to have water in my mouth. I have a cracked molar.

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