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42 Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes


In order to reduce dark circles under your eyes, i found that putting a warm teabag on them helps a bit. I just use the teabag right after making a cup of tea so its still warm.

Put it UNDER YOUR EYE. or if you're weird try putting it in your eye!


Simple- you must increase your fibre consumption to at least 30grammes a day, and drink at least two litres of water, et voila, clear skin in a fortnight. Far more effective than silly epidermal applications. Perseverance needed though.

paul schroeter

For dark spots under the eye.
Use preparation H (DO NOT GET IN THE EYE) plus it tightins the skin. helps your skin tight.


My mom takes vasoline, puts it on a metal spoon and freezes it for 15 minutes. Then she applies it to her eyes for a few minutes.

I have yet to try it but it might help someone else if it helps her. Let me know if you try it. :)


I remeber reading this off another site and trying it one night. In the morning my face looked brand new.

You should get enough sleep so that you are well rested.

drink lots of water <(amount is up to you)(maybe two glasses) and when you go to sleep; sleep on two nice fluffy pillows so you'r a little comfortable and elevated.


Don't eat chocolate! A little bit every great once in awhile won't hurt you, but if you regularly consume chocolate it will exacerbate the problem. I quit eating chocolate and my dark circles went away. Small sacrifice in my opinion!


apply a small amount of preparation h
under eyes, wait 15 minutes and wipe
off. An instant fix.


Take 2 magnesium tablets per day, especially if you're taking calcium.


Apply cotton balls soaked in cucumber juice or potato juice around the eyes.


Add some mint leaves, lemon juice, and salt to tomato juice and drink.

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