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42 Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Amber Vega

I purchased DermalMD Serum for my wife. She loves the product and it has greatly reduced or eliminated puffiness and dark circles under her eyes. She has previously used eye creams that resulted in eye irritation but this product she loves.


Do wear good quality preferably dark sunglasses you can comfortably walk around in on sunny days to protect eyes from sun,wind,dust and fumes. Do Not rub,itch,strain or squint the eyes. Do Not disturb the eye area especially avoid eye make up. Do adjust your television or p.c brightness to low settings. Do use t.v & p.c, read books and work in well lit rooms. Do drink enough water to keep you hydrated and healthy. Do eat your salad!

Village Totois

I have been suffering from dark under eyes and the cherry on the cake>deepset-sunken-hollow eyes! this makes me look reeeeally old,always bored,depressed and exausted! I am a 23 yrs old lady with dry skin type.
For one week,I used a dab of castor oil twice daily for my EXTREAMLY dark eyelids & under eye circles. However,i starated noticing an increase in black heads & one white head around my tear trough(probably caused by the olive oil i use on the rest of my face) so i discontinued the use of both oils(coz i wasnt sure which one was causing the heads but dark under eyes at this point had actually started showing improvement) and then i switched to using almond oil. Two weeks later and i am almost completly rid of the dark under eye,a visibly HUGE improvement,except for the small stubborn patches next to the nose and my eyes still appear hollow but certainly NOT dark anymore. I have also discontinued my use of make-up(execpt lipstick,cant live without that!), i cleanse my face twice/once daily, i have started drinking alot of water and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, exercises and sleep for about 7-8hrs, lastly,from noon till sunset i would never leave the house without my dark huge sunglasses! Try it and hopefully it works for you and you'll be saying goodbye to the dark nightmares on your face.

Erika V

Underage circles will fade if you put potato slices under eyes about 10 minutes....then once a week or more if you have time...mix alittle lemon,tomato and cold buttermilk on cotton balls squeeze balls put under eyes for 20 minutes don't rub but gently pat area dry end with coconut oil


HERE's my remedies it helps in lightening the skin under your eyes....
take some cold buttermilk and add turmeric to it. apply it under your eyes and on your lids (can also be used as a face PAC). stay in a cool place once u have applied it.... wash it after around 10 minutes. Do this around 5 times a weeks.
Comment when u see positive results.... 😄


Apply coconut oil for three weeks and dark circles will vanish.I've tried it and it works really well


I preform a rejuvenating eye treatment in my Salon, using the tea from Licorice Root ( for dark pigment) and Chamomile for puffiness/ bags.. Then soak compresses in ice cold tea mixture (use ice) also soak small basalt stones in ice then layer compress then cold stone over eyes then cold compresses for 20 minutes or so in the evenigs till pigment lightens. Mulberry too is good to eliminate dark pigmentation.


The best thing is to apply Castor oil around the eyes before sleeping and wash it in the morning regularly for 2 weeks to remove black circles.


Astringent egg white tightens your pores and reduces puffy bagginess. Egg whites have lots of the B vitamins that promote good circulation and reduce inflammation. You'll want to make sure your eggs have been tested for Salmonella. Dab half a teaspoon of one raw egg white on the clean, dry skin around your eyes only - don't get it into your eyes. Leave it on for about 15 minutes until it dries and then rinse well with warm water. Finally, wash your hands with soap and water.


The only thing that worked for me was to leave them alone. Don’t touch them at all. Unfortunately this can be difficult, especially while you’re asleep. If you touch or rub your eyes, the good news is, if you stop for a few days, you will see a drastic improvement. I only wish someone told me how simple it was 20 years ago.

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