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4 Home Remedies for Hidradenitis Suppurativa


I was recently diognosed w HS. I just learned about Apple cider vinegar w the mother and organic. Just warm the ACV , wet a soft cloth(I cut up a T-shirt) and place over the cyst/abcess. Repeat up to six times a day until cool. If you have sensitive skin you can add purified sterile water to dilute. I'd be happy to learn if more home remedies. As I just finished antibiotics and it really hasn't helped.


I have had Hidradenitis Suppurativa for nearly a decade now but use a daily regimen to control my outbreaks, I can usually keep them down to just a couple of instances a year by doing this.

Turmeric Supplements (oral) - Can get from any health store.
Tea tree oil deodorant (Daily for underarm outbreak prevention)
Tea tree oil topical cream.
Tea tree oil - add to your bath water and soak, extremely soothing during outbreaks.
Tea tree oil compress.
Apple cider vinegar compress.
Paleo diet.

I follow this daily and all of these measures can be used for treatment and prevention.

source: curehidradenitissuppurativanow dot com
Good Luck!


I use diet to control my Hidradenitis Suppurativa, have you ever heard of eating only raw foods as a way of controlling outbreaks? I was diagnosed recently while pregnant with my first child, antibiotics did nothing for me so I researched the net for alternative treatments and found sites such as this and also another great site called which is definitely worth checking out too as it had loads of great info.

On the site I read that diets that are around 80-90% consistent of raw foods are extremely effective in controlling outbreaks. Anyway I felt like I had tried so many other things so I thought whats the worst that could happen? It may be too soon to tell but I started the diet and sure enough I’m over 6 month symptom free, I am now in the process of testing what foods bring on outbreaks etc so I can reincorporate as many foods as possible back into my diet.

Anyway I hope this helps

Good luck!

Anon- H😉

I've come across some pretty interesting stories on here, Enjoyed them.. Makes me feel a little less 'alone' in my battle.

When I was about 17 years old I noticed some really weird lumps that were forming underneath my armpits. They were very sensitive to the touch, and I was hoping they would just kinda go away. There were times when they would go away which was such a relief but then they came right back. The more they would come and go the worse and worse they would get.. I'd start to notice that the top of the lump would get kinda soft like? And then it would bust open, some puss would come out and it would drain for a couple days (at this point I continued to keep it to myself, covering them with bandages and just trying to keep it as clean as I could) there was an odor like no other I felt super embarrassed. My senior year in HS is when this really took a turn for the worst, I finally couldn't take it anymore, I ended up having a break down and showing my mom & my step dad (at this point it was in my actual armpit area and had spread to my inner upper arm most of the areas had burst open, it sorta look like I had 3rd degree burns on my arm....) the pain was absolutely unbearable, wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Anyways, that day they rushed me to the emergency room and immediately they gave me some high dosage pain meds which worked like magic, a bunch of doctors looked at my wounds, I was in the hospital for a little over a week.. And nobody really knew what it was. Docs thought maybe they were boils/ cysts. Wound care nurses came in and showed me ways to care for them and so I tried those methods but it didn't make them go away or stop them from spreading. Some time went by I was miserable could barely move my arms, couldn't really move in general, I cried pretty much every single day. I was put on Humira, a shot I'd take daily but that didn't do anything.. Then I was put on Remacaid, infusions I'd get every 6 to 8 weeks, I was on it for about 2 years until just recently. Before I was put on the Rem. The abscesses that were under my arms had spread to my inner thighs, vaginal area, & anal area over the course of about a year or 2.. Eventually I was back in the hospital and I was diagnosed with a chronic skin condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. I'm now 21 and it's been a struggle, but I've still managed to push through. I've had tons of procedures done (came across an excellent group of doctors who have really given me that 'light at the end of the tunnel') my surgeon has been great, my arms look amazing just some big scars; my anal area is still healing up, and now the area I'm most worried about is the vaginal area. I'm looking to have surgery again probably after summer but I was hoping I could come here for some home remidies.. Idk if I'll come across something that'd do the job better than surgery but maybe more or less to help manage it and stopping it from worsening.

Like my arms, the vaginal area is very irritated in some areas worse then others, would just like to know of any soaks I could do to minimize the irritation.

Is there some kind of powder or something I could use to keep it a lot more dry down there?

It also gets quite itchy down there, could be because of the pain medication but if anyone recommends anything for that, that'd be great.


I've been on the antibiotics n stuff for a while on and off...and sometimes its worked sometimes it hasn't, I m just curious to see if there happen to be any home remedies that might also help? To anyone who can offer some advice or tips it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks☺☺

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