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My dog is a cross breed, he started out itching because of dry skin and with summer comes alot of fleas n ticks, the flea and tick remidies from the vet stoped working after a while. His scratching became worse and worse, with scabbing and hair loss plus an intence amount of discomfort to my poor dog, so i went to my local pet store and asked around about what i should do, most peoe gave me answers like eucalyptus and teatree oil, antiseptics ect... I mixed the eucalyptus, teatree oil and just a little bit of Virbac Septicide (commonly used on cattle and working dogs), i watered it down alittle and put it in a spray bottle, he gets this sprayed on him twice a day untill the itching has stopped, i now do this every summer along with comfortice tablets, it takes a few days to take effect but works perfectly. Hope i could help.

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