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Cuts (Infected) Home Remedies

6 Home Remedies for Cuts (Infected)


Repeated applications of iodine.

Hydrogen peroxide too...but not for very long - kinda burns healthy cells.

Heat works too. Hot enough to smart a bit but not to blister.

Food grade diatomaceous earth also tends to absorb and neutralize bacteria.

Additionally, some infections can be 'sucked out' using a suction device, such as 'The Extractor' (sold at W-Mart in camping section) - but take care not to create too much suction or leave on for too long - it's fairly can adjust the strength of the suction by how far the plunger is pulled out (before pushing forward)- the farther out the greater the suction.


Apply dry turmeric powder on the cut. Turmeric is a natural powerful antibiotic which is easily available in the spice section of all stores. Turmeric also stops bleeding instantly.


For an antibacterial ointment for a cut or wound, dab a little honey onto the area. Honey contains a natural antibiotic that has proved effective against organisms that cause infections.


To help fight an infection on a fresh cut put a penny and a piece of fatback on it and cover over night. (Only apply one night.)


Emu oil promotes healing.


Finely mince an onion and apply to the infected wound.

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