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25 Home Remedies for Croup


Aconite root contains chemicals that may improve circulation, but it also contains chemicals that can seriously harm the heart, muscles, and nerves.

Please be very,very careful when administering herbs to your child. I am a very strong advocate of homeopathy, but a panicked parent with too little information could make their child much sicker.

The castor oil pack mentioned as well as cool air and vaporub are wonderful. My son has had severe croup eight times since he was nine months old, including two trips to the hospital when he turned blue and his breathing did not improve with any of the home treatments.


A castor oil chest compress saved my 8 month old baby a trip to the emergency room. It worked so swiftly that I was in awe. I formerly worked 2 years on pediatrics as a nurse and have never seen a child respond so swiftly to an albuterol breathing treatment as she did to that castor oil pack. She began to cough up mucus so thick that she was literally gagging on it. Once it was all coughed up she curled up and went to sleep and her breathing was so soft and easy you would never guess that she had just spent the better part of the night wheezing and having difficulty breathing. I am just guessing, but there must be some major anti inflammatory component in the castor oil that is absorbed right through the skin. To make the compress I poured a generous puddle of castor oil on some folded paper towels and applied them to her chest. I covered them with a piece of plastic cut from a zip lock bag and then wrapped it all in place with an elastic bandage secured with a safety pin. I put her pajamas back on and of course stayed with her to make sure that she didn't tear the bandage off and get it around her neck, or choke on the plastic or something. The croup lasted for about 3 days and I did the castor packs as needed and they really worked for us. A word of warning though. Children can compensate so well for an illness that you may not realize how far out of hand things are until suddenly the child can not compensate any longer and is truly in deep trouble. So any child with moderate to extreme, or extended difficulty breathing should be taken to the hospital. If you are nervous, follow your gut and go in, or at least call your doctor.


My daughter gets croup yearly.

1.) childrens Motrin - decreases pain and imflafation.
2.) standing by an open window breathing in outside, cool night air. Minimum 10-15 min.
3.) glass of warm tea with honey- warm tea soothes, honey naturally has an antibiotic property to it.
4.) children's cough medicine- coats the throat and calms the reflexes.
5.) Vicks on the chest and bottom of the feet.
6.) put back to bed propped up on pillows to relieve pressure.
7.) turn on cool most humidifier, place near bed.
8.) last on list but 1st in practice.. Prayer, that God will heal them quickly, and take away the discomfort. :)


Give them ib profin for inflammation. If going outside to relieve the attack is not an option, get a bowl full of ice and make a tent with a towel over your Childs head while they breath in the cool moist air from the ice. It's less traumatic than walking outside in the freezing cold. Vicks baby rub is great for all ages because it has aloe Vera and eucalyptus in it. I put it on their chest, back and the bottom of their feet. Why feet? You absorb a lot through the bottom of your feet.
Most of all keep them calm.


My granddaughter was diagnosed with croup, the uncontrollable coughing hurt me to my heart. I thought about what my granny used to make for us when we were kids and got sick with a cold or flu after giving her the tea the coughing subsided in about 10 minutes after about 20 minutes she was fast asleep. Squeeze the juice from one lemon in a cup add 2 or 3 teaspoons of honey microwave until warm stir the tea. Drink several spoonfuls. Save the rest for later.


My two sons 7 and 3 have croup at first I was scaring of that terrible sound while breathing then I notice that if I panic they started to cry and the situation worsened I always try to prevent the croup with homeopathic The name is aconite besides that I noticed that cool air also help


i used lanolin oil, (used for nipples when breastfeeding) it works great. no need to rub, rinse or brush off. will take about a day for flakes to fall off.


My eldest son used to suffer with mild asthma which has now cleared but he was given some sort of contraption to help him take his inhaler. My youngest son suffers with regular croup at 7 years old and the common remedies, steam, cool air do seem to offer him some relief but it is very disruptive to sleep as we all know. I had a thought..... by taking my eldest sons inhaler taking contraption which is a bit like a clear plastic bubble with a hole at either end. I could soak clean material in boiling water place the 'steaming' material into the chamber and once cooled a little he could breathe in constant moist steam filled air. Did it again last night and it worked a treat.

Ian Phillips

This is a remody our family have used for years and is found in most kitchen cupboards. ingredients: corn flour, Mustard & Olive oil. mix 1/4 cup flour & 1 tspn Mustard powder in a cop and WARM Olive oil to makeat thick paste.
place paste in the centre of a hankercheif and fold it in 1/2 and rool folding ends in. Place in another hankercheif and roll up so it can be tied aroupd neck. Tie loosly around the neck at night. it works like a dream and is so easy TRY IT and let us know your oppinion


honey usually works. A tablespoon for my 3 year old usually eases it up. The hard part to any remedy is dealing with them when they have been already sleeping for the night. Honey is not recommended for two and under.

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