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86 Home Remedies for Cramps


A simple pack of rice microwaved and placed on your abdomen will relieve cramps.


Take a hot bath. The hot water relaxes muscles including those of your uterus relieving you of cramps.

Lauren Elizabeth Donatelli

To eliminate menstrual cramps completely (and leg cramps, too) try taking calcium supplements with vitamin D and magnesium. Take the supplement with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The added benefits include less PMS, less osteoporosis (or osteopenia), and better sleep (due to the magnesium).


for any type of cramps the best solution is to first drink just enough water to keep your self hydrated you dont want to flush all your nutriants out the key to any muscle group is zinc and magnesium....i promise if you practice these three you'll never get major cramps if any..


Drink something hot like Tea, coffee, or whatever you like hot. Lay down and relax this helps the flow of your monthly and I promise you will be comfortable.


menstrual cramps....when you get the cramps do some sit ups works like a charm


a tea made with a bit of each dip a toothpick in mint oil and then put a dash of ginger, cinnamin, and nutmeg and add a little bit of lemon juice. if u want it sweet and minty then add a bit of sugsr, it always works right away for me and everyone i know and if u make just right it tastes very good


Make a cup of hot tea with some lemon juice and a teaspoon of whiskey. My mom used to make it for me when I was a teenager and it worked great!!!


For ovulation pains or menstrual cramps I found this to work accidently. Not sure why. Vitamin B12. Be sure not to take on an empty stomach. You may feel irritable if you don't eat something light.


Eat a banana for potassium, and drink a glass of water for ensured hydration.

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