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86 Home Remedies for Cramps


lay in floor and put feet against the wall and push


Use a heating pad on your stomach, or a hot wash cloth. I actually use those ThermaCare heating pads used for back pain, and just turn it around so the heater pad things are on my stomach instead. Works great!!!


To eliminate feelings of anger, depression, and cramps during menstration, all you need to do is drink fresh coconut juice and eat the meat. Old coconuts, which are hairy and brown, have more meat while young coconuts have sweeter juice. You can find them at asian or indian stores. You should drink two cups of coconut juice every day, for as long as your period lasts.(don't forget to eat the coconut meat too)
This can cure even the worst of cramps.

Delores Russell

To get rid of cramps at night, put a bar of soap between the sheets. Dove and Dial does not work. It takes any kind of strong soap like Irish Spring,Octagon, etc.

Doc Handley

A rounded teaspoon of salt in a glass of water will cure the worst cramp in five minutes or less. A half cup of dill pickle juice works, too, but someone else has recommended that one.


If you drink a half cup of dill pickle juice this will help...but I advise if you don't like pickles or they upset your stomach easily do not do this...but I did and it helped a whole lot!


A drink or two of Vodka and Cranberry juice. Not good for the alcoholic, though.


My grandmother always gave me a hot cup of water with powder ginger in it. It worked like a charm! Naturally you can buy ginger root and boil that also. Sweeten with honey or no sweetner at all. I have also had natural ginger ale to work also (read the label to make sure the drink has ginger in it and no refined sugar--usually from health or whole foods stores.


For menstrual cramps: When I was young my grandma used to do this to me and it would really work and trust me I had the worst cramps.I even fainted once at school. I do this to my daughter too and helps a lot. First you warm your ironer NOT TO HOT. Then fold a towel and put over your stomach. Then iron the towel just like you would with a shirt. It's simple and easy.


Red wines soothes cramps everytime. There is an educated explanation for it, one which I don't remember anymore. As long as it works who cares right?

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