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86 Home Remedies for Cramps


What I do is drink Chamomile tea, my boyfriend (who's an herbal specialist) recommended it to me every morning and night for the duration of my period and i really NEVER have cramps.


Advil liquid gels work like a charm, or crush up 2 extra strength tylenol to a powder form, and pour the powder in a glass of room tempurature water.. stir it up a bit to get the pieces from the bottom and drink tastes like straight up lemons and water but it works good. I just tried it at like 5:12,and its like 5:30 now and I feel no pain.


A mug of milk plus a table spoon of ground cinimon blended together eases cramps do to menstration

Cinnamon Tea

Take 6-8 oz of water (about a regular mug)and break three or four sticks of cinnamon. Put the water in a saucepan or something like that over the stove and place the cinnamon in. Bring it all to a low simmer and let it keep simmering for about two minutes. If you want, put some sugar or honey in the tea. This works really great, plus taking midol or some other pill for that,i dont like taking pills but i only do it when i get cramps. take them preferably right when you start your peroid so they can take effect before the cramps start or get too bad.


Put an ice pack over a thin piece of clothing. Then, place a throw pillow over the ice pack and lay on your side or in sitting position. This relieves cramping and overheating.


Exercise really helps.Im in the Air Force in we do alot of exercises. When my cylce comes around i notice less bleeding and cramping.Im not saying go and run a mile in a half lol but walking doing a few sit ups and crunches will usually do the trick. Than shower and relax afterwards.


Lean a little less than 2 feet from a wall. Rest your palms and forearms against the wall and lean in with your abdomen, keeping feet firmly planted.


Cold temps around you, open a window or turn on the fan but just have heat to the stomach, I always open a window and have those magic microwavable bean bag to my stomach.

Or a warm to hot bath. Midol every 4-6 hrs keeps the cramps away, If you let the cramps come then take midol it takes time to work and while your waiting your just suffering just keep taking them to prevent the pain.


I have had the most severe cramps in my life and had tried almost everything, but nothing worked. Recently one of my cousins told me to drink milk with one tablespoon of honey, first thing every morning. I did that and the following month, it worked like MAGIC.
So u might wanna try it out. Believe me, its the best remedy but be sure not to skip it cuz then it might not work.


I normally take two pamprins or midols then take a hot bubble bath then fresh out the bath lay down in ur towel and apply a heating pad to your cramp area you will fall asleep and wake up crap free

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