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I get cramps about a week before i start my period and ofcourse during. I used to never get cramps but now i do and they are the worst! Ive tried everything and nothing seemed to work, so at 2 in the morning i decided to drink some hot tea. Drinking the hot tea and placing somthing warm/hot (heated water bottle, heating pad, hot wash cloth ect.) on my lower stomache worked almost instantly. I havnt had horrible cramps since.


i know this sounds crazy, but what i do is i pinch myself at somewhere that doesnt hurt and the pain concentrates in my hand,not leg.sometimes i get a washcloth and run it under very cold water then put it on the place that hurts.


I crushed a midol in a bag, mixed into a glass of milk then added cinnamon.


Drink Soy milk, and eat soy products, soy.

*Drink chomomile tea.

*Drink alot of water


I have the worst cramps ever!! it literally feels like someone is sticking a knife in my stomach and twisting it around! Horrible isn't it?!
I just take four 200miligram ibuprofen. it takes like ten minutes before they actually kick in.. But hey it works for me when nothin else does. I also sit in the shower with steaming hot water and let the water hit my stomach.. Works goooood ! But I will try the ginger idea!


one time when i was 15 i was at my boyfriends house and had terrible cramps so he asked his mom if she had anything for cramps so she gave 2 midols and they did nothing so she mixed me up about a tablespoon of water and a pinch of ginger and told me drink it and i thought she was crazy but it instantly took the pain away.


Take a bag of frozen food out of your freezer (smaller items like peas and pasta tend to work best) and place them on top of your stomach while you lay on your back. The weight of the food places pressure on the abdomen, allowing the cold to sink in and work more effectively


Ok so for menstral cramps lay on a pillow or a rolled up blanket and read a book or a magazine u will forget about the cramps and the presure willake u feel muh better good luck


I improvised on a remedie I saw on her it said milk mixed with cinnamon works it dose but is strong so im using 1/2 glass of milk and 2 tablespoons of coffee creamer called vanilla and cinnamon it works and has a sweet taste is alot better then plan cinnamon which i find to overwhelming alone also works great in coffee.I also use advil pm so I can sleep and get relief it works great at night.I also use a hot water bottle or a cold wash cloth rotate hot and cold not ice tho.Sometimes cold works better sometimes hot dose try both.


sit with your feet out and together. pull your toes back and you should be relieved because the nerves will go to your toes instead of giving you cramps.

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