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I've had bad cramps since the first day I started my period and I've tried almost everything. Hot water bottles, Midol, Tylenol, and other prescribed medicines from my physician and none of them seemed to have worked. A friend of mine finally recommended to me to try Ibuprofen and it works AMAZING. Within 10-15 minutes of taking the pill, I felt the pain start to alleviate. They come in increments of 200mg and 500mg, that I know of (500 being extra strength). Both dosages work for me, but I find that the 500mg is longer lasting, even up to 2 days on some periods. I really recommend this. The only thing I advise, is to probably take the pill right before you eat something or afterwards, that can really prevent you from feeling nauseous or tired. Good Luck & I hope I've helped !


okay im not sure if this works well but when i do yoga my teacher always tells me to do twists to the lower abs it actually relieved me easily:)


okay so i used to have the worst cramps, i would even throw myself on the floor they were that terrible so i decided to go to the doctor she gave me 500 mg of naproxen it helped alittle but they were still unbearable so i bought myself a heated pillow ,bengay and alot of chamomile and found if i when im about to go to bed i put the pillow in the microve for about 1 minute i apply bengay to my abdomin and place the pillow over and i of course drink chamomile it relaxes my mustles and makes me also sleepy my cramps were gone!!P.s dont walk around bare foot it makes them worse!!


Anise Anise works good and fast. Spray on the affected area and relax for about 3 minutes. The actual perfume is becoming harder to find, however you can obtain the essential oil. And, it is available in some knock off brands.


Well this may not work for anyone one else but it sure does work for me usually i when i have cramos i take a pamprin pill and afterwards drink a cup of pickle juice and you might wanna do this as soon as you get up so it can work right away and all day GOOD LUCK!!!!


For cramps I take Dramamine. It helps with stomach issues and makes you fall asleep.


Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of Magnesium Citrate powder and 1 rounded teaspoon of Potassium Gluconate powder in 4 ozs. water and drink. Repeat in 2 hours if needed. Tart, but good taste.


Queen Elizabeth and Native Americans used the medicinal value of marijuana to soothe cramps....simple and organic :)


Heat is fantastic. Also, and this takes endurance to try, but a friend's mentioned success with contrast therapy. Start with a cold pack on your pelvis for 5-10 minutes (which your body will be a bit angry about if you are cramping), then switch to heat. NOTE: Talk to your doctor about using cold or heat. There are times when either or both are contraindicated. For instance for those with high blood pressure, cardiac issues, poor sensitivity to temp, vasospastic disease, respiratory disorders, Raynaud's syndrome, among others.
Also, earlier in your cycle you can seek ilio-psoas massage. Do not attempt to receive this work when you are menstruating, as it will most likely encourage worsening cramps if you do. It can be very physically and emotionally difficult to receive this form of massage, but some women find this treatment to be effective at lessoning cramps during mentstration if received earlier in the cycle.
A WORD OF ADVICE THOUGH: Persistent or worsening cramping, or cramping which interferes with your daily life may be a sign of other pelvic conditions. Talk to your doctor, or a clinic if this is the case.
Staying hydrated (that means good old, plain H2O), laying off the caffeine (if an option), getting rest, and staying physically active (if in the condition to do so) throughout your cycle can have a large impact on cramping, and even mood, as well.


if you have bad cramps, then i would eat a banana and drink something warm (hot tea, chocolate, or just water)

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