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86 Home Remedies for Cramps


I have had constant cramps for the past 18 months due to kidney failure. I have been drinking one glass of tonic water for the past 5 days, I have not had a single cramp! Its amazing, no wonder its called 'tonic' water!


If you want instant relief from musel cramps, get a bar of soap, any will work except dove I think, and just smell it, get a good whiff of the soap up your nose, and instant relief.


I went to Sam s Club looking for pastries. They were giving free food samples. One was a drink. I was nt interested until the person said 'it will take away your cramps'. That caught my attention because my 87 yr old mom was suffering from leg /thigh cramps to the point of extreme torture. I bought the product which is a powder in 30 small packets you dissolve in water and that same night after just one packet her cramps were gone, completely. It s called ECO DRINK. Also sold in costsco s. Best Wishes.


I used to have leg cramps for many years, but since I use MORINGA 5000 mg as multivitamin supplement , I don't have it any more . My mom is too.


I started my 'stuff' in 5th grade and I had AWFUL cramps. My teacher said that by slightly pinching the meaty part in between your index and thumb, it helps sooth cramps and temple headaches. My cramps were gone instantly!


For those awful leg cramps that wake you up in the middle of the night/in the morning, eat about a quarter sized amount of regular salt and the cramp goes away instantly.


To prevent leg and foot cramps, I have found that sleeping with a few wine corks helps alot.They are now difficult to come across now as most wine bottles are screw top.


I had a major leg cramp, it was so bad that I was close to crying. My sister suggested a tbs of mustard and presto... My leg cramp was gone almost instantly!

Anne A

A leading gynecologist told me to take 100mg of vitamin B6 every day & it has made the biggest difference in my life. No more PMT symptoms including cramps. I have passed this on to countless friends, who have all benefited from this.


A teaspoonof mustard works great. Also try DARK chocolate.

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