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mrs b

i had adult cradle cap when i was a teenager, docotor prescribed me a few things and nothing worked.
My hairdresser suggested coconut oil... id put it on beofre bed, use a fine brush and try and get some off my scalp in the morning, then wash it off.
After a few years it went in a week!! It smells nicer than olive oil too!!


I am a mother of eight and have seen it with each and evry child of mine. I was told to rub a special oil on their head, then wait overnight (and get the oil al over everything?!).

I have come to see that any oil will do, so I use olive oil since I've always got it in the house and it is thicker than baby oil.

What I do: I dampen the baby's head with a warm wet cloth, then rub the oil in. With the skinny teeth side of a comb (or a lice comb) I gently comb in the opposite direction of the scales, getting under them to raise them and comb them away. My baby would usually be very relaxed as I did this. Once done, I would gently wash their hair as usual with a baby wash to get the olive oil out and voila! Nice looking baby with no yucky yellow scales on their head!

Due note, the scales are often stuck to the hair and so, as you comb, the scales are coming off with hair. But no worries, the hair left will look healthier anyway.


we used olive oil he had a lot of yellow hard stuff around eyebrows leave it on 30 minutes then u can take a soft towel dip part of it in water and wrap around your finger and softly go over the yellow areas and it will loosen up gradually till all the yellow disappears..then squeeze a couple baby soap drops into water and repeat to get rid of the olive oil residue as i hear if you leave the oil on to long it could cause baby rash on face..
then wash away soap with just water worked lika charm 1st time


I put a little hydrocortisone cream on my babies head and the next morning it was gone, Tried olive oil, combing, ect.


Any shampoo with TEA TREE OIL is excellent. Massage into area and leave on head for a long time-an hour or so. Cradle cap will be gone in day or two. Repeat if necessary.


cradle cap...use can cream on babys head...leave the cream in the babys hair...then wash next day...


For cradle cao try top quality scalp shampoo for dandruff from professional hair salon. Al top ranges are good such as KMS, PAUL MITCHELL.TIGI some of these can also help patches of eczema,as they are not so high in detergent and contain more of the higher quality natural ingredients.
From Hairdresser with 30 years experience.


I found that massaging some baby lotion to the baby's head and then brush it out with a comb(not a brush)will work!!! After a couple of days the cradle cap will be gone


my son had a small patch of cradle cap and i used baby oil and it never got any smaller so i decided to try A&D ointment.His cradle cap was 95% gone on the first application,no rubbing or scrubbing :)


my son had cradle cap very bad I tried everything till someone told me to use the dandruff shampoo denarex it worked wonders the cradle cap cleared up within days.

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