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Just a question our 8 month old has bad cradle cap I was told to put baby oil in her hair overnight then in morning brush it outwith a baby comb gently. Is this correct. TThank you.


Not exactly a home remedy but it does contain all natural ingredients. I use the coconut oil (tiny troubles) by mama nature and it is the best I have ever used by a mile. I have been tempted to make my own formula but this works so well I will stick with this just now. Plus it is freshly prepared so it feels like a home made remedy.


I was fifteen when I got cradle cap, my hair was long and it pulled at my scalp which made it really sensitive and I remember having to lower the pressure on the shower head because the water would hurt it as well. At first I didn't do anything because I thought if I didn't bother it that it would eventually heal, but that wasn't the case. I stopped putting conditioner on my scalp and just shampooed it while rubbing it in. I also applied coconut oil as well then picked off the yellow scales as much as I could. I did this twice and now it's gone and my scalp feels so much better. It's just a layer of dry skin it seems that just needs to be moistened then it can be washed out easier. I would leave the coconut oil in all day for as long as I could them washed it with a strong shampoo so all the oil came out but there will still be flakes in your hair when it dries, they will eventually fall out.


With all 9 of my kids and helping other people with there children I use baking soda it work in two days...when u give the baby a bath damp there head and then put baking soda on the cradle cap then wet the baking soda and let it sit while u bath the baby after letting it sit for a while take a baby comb and comb through it softly.. do this everytime you give your baby a bath.. it works in a couple of days...MIRACLES..


Shea Butter. This works wonderfully. It softens the crusted scalp and you can easily comb it out without scratching the scalp. Its very greasy but it works. No hair loss either.


THIS IS MAGIC!!!! TRUST ME it works overnight! VASELINE!!!!!! One thick coat left overnight and in the morning it will have all lierally fallen off! After 2 whole bottles of olive oil not making any difference, I decided to try Vaseline and it took one night! I couldn't believe my eyes in the morning! No need to brush or coax it away, just wipe off the Vaseline and the bits that have fallen off! :-)

Stephanie G Salazar

Your baby will experience cradle cap.
A natural and non toxic way to remove your baby's cradle top is apply coconut oil to scalp. Work in well, and gently ( it is important to remember that your baby still has a soft head) next, take a fine toothed comb and remove gently. It will take a few sessions to complete.


I took my newborn to the Vanderbilt Children's Emergency Room, because I didn't know he had cradle cap (he's my first baby) the doctor told me to use dawn soap and a nail brush and to gently brush his head and to put vaseline on his forehead and cheeks it really did work


Pour a little bit of baby oil onto the babies head and get a tiny comb and go close to the babies scalp and comb it out.Its very tedious but works.Be sure to also use baby shampoo when bathing the baby.


Apply mineral oil on the baby's scalp liberally. Let it soak for a few hours at least and then wash the baby's scalp with baby shampoo. Use a wet wash cloth to gently rub the baby's scalp in small circles while you wash the hair. Use firm but gentle pressure.
It might take a few tries until its gone completely. Keep repeating at least once a week.

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