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one cup of hot tea and two tsp of bees honey two releave itchy throat


If you have a nasty cough and it won't go away,try a spoon full of honey and squeeze fresh lemon into it. It works great.

I have a very effective, traditional, cure to coughing and sore throat.

I usually took one half of lime to be juiced, add 1 tea spoon of sweet soy bean sauce (you can find it in Chinese grocery shops). Mix the juice and the sauce and just drink it to the last drop. You will get instant remedy of your coughing and sore throat. I recommend to take the remedies 2 - 3 times a day.

Restful cold

My dad when he was alive took
hardrock candy
rock and rye ( whiskey )
2 limons ( cut in quarters )

took out some of the rock and rye out of the bottle and add the ingredants in the the bottle left it seat for 24 hr shook it up and gave it to us for cough and colds it will help you sleep but your cold will subside really works


this is so soothing, but only while it lasts. Fill a mug up with water practically to the top and pop it in the microwave for 1 min 20 sec. Grab about a teaspoon or more of vicks vapor rub, and or cloves and mints and add it to the hot water. Wait about a minute, and sniff the mix of steamed water, vicks, mint, and clove. Deeply breath it in slowly through your nose or moutn. Works well.


To stop coughing immediately, coat your feet with Vicks Vapor Rub put on heavy socks and almost instantly the coughing is gone. You may wake up in the middle of the night coughing Just repeat the process..and in so doing you will feel that the Vicks has been absorbed and that is why you agan coughed...Works for me...


Remedy for dry cough
Whenever somebody is coughing non stop.Mix 1 T.S of honey and 1/2 T.S of cinnamon powder in half a glass of tolerable hot water and make the patient drink.This will give a quick relief from coughing.Believe me it works I tried it with my daughter and my husband.


Just plain honey. You don't have to add all the other stuff to it. Just a generous teaspoon of honey helps quiet a nagging cough.


generously apply vicks to your feet... put on socks... within an hour your annoying cough will be greatly reduced

Vrinda P.Unhale,India

Burn a clove on gas stove and immediately keep it in mouth.

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