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Slather vicks vaporub(on adults and children over 12-*not* babies! unless you use the baby vicks!!) on the bottom of feet, cover with socks and the coughing is usually relieved so you can sleep and rest..our pediatricians nurse told me this trick for my baby and for us adults too and it worked!


Boil some marshmallows with milk it works for kids and adults.


I always drnk tea and honey.


Drink a few cups of hot water with salt. It made me cough less.(:

Big Dave

-Eat fresh pineapple, drink apple cider vinegar, drink tons of water, fast for a few days, drink hot teas, Take hot showers, get plenty of rest, eat hot soups, drink honey and lemon hot teas.

-Avoid smoking, dairy products, fast food, sodas.


For a cough. Try a tablespoon of peanutbutter. It helped me in the middle of the night.


1 tsp of corn syrup stopped my son's night cough. Got the remedy from a nurse.


Vicks on the feet is truly effective. In a pinch icy hot or ben gay or even plain crisco or lard will work as long as the feet are covered with socks


Take a warm shower, or, however hot you can stand it, breathing in the steam will losen up the junk in your chest and relieve your cough for at least an hour


-Use 3/4 of a normal spice jar of OREGANO -1 medium onion,quartered whole w/skin
-1 garlic clove,peeled & crushed....

Boil all together in 1.5 litres of water.
Let cool & transfer into a container (glass is better, if possible). Let stand for minimum of 4 hours.

Transfer to coffee cup & re-heat in microwave. Add sugar to taste (optional)

Works for me!

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