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107 Home Remedies for Cough


for coughing -- my dad gave me warm milk with melted butter in it and black pepper . I would sip it - and it worked ..


take a teaspoon of margerine and dip it in sugar, lick as tho u were eating an ice lollie. this really helps especially for young children, my mom used it on me.

john anthony

1 cup of brown sugar,1/2 cup of white vinegar,and 2 tabel spoons of honey.into a pan and the let it boil. once boiled.turn off your heating stove then add any strong alcohol, but i prefer jack daniels and then add it into a 16oz cup. then take sips for every cough.


Eat strawberry Popsicle, top it with honey and lemon


If you are coughing and your throat is itching try drinking this:
half a lemon, pepper,and a little bit of wasabi paste, mix it all up and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds.


Get a tablespoon put a big drop of honey
Then squeeze a lemon to fill up rest of spoon
And take that you'll be fine for the rest of the night

Alia Soto

This has been my mom's old remedy and works wonders.

Red tea + black pepper + pure honey.

Sip as hot as possible


For a wet cough:
2 tbs honey
Juice of half a lime
2tbs cider vinegar
2 onions 

Peel onions and put in saucepan whole.  Cover with water, use at least 2 litres.  Bring to boil, cover and simmer until liquid is dark, about 1 to 2 hrs.

Put other ingredients into a mug, throw lime in too. Top up with hot onion water.
Drink it first thing in morning and last thing at night. Yum! And cough gone on a few days!

remedy expert

get a big soup spoon and squeeze a lemon intot it and hold thespoon above the fire for 10secs and and take it off the fire and let it cool for about 30 secs or just blow on it and fill up the spoon to about 3/4 of the spoon and mix with your finger drink 2 spoon fuls of the remedy and drink the rest of it the next morning do this for a week works for me oh and remember never be barefoot or drink anything too cold when you are sick


Make a paste of honey, ground black pepper and grated ginger. Take two spoons of this paste thrice a day to get rid of the symptoms.

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