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i know that this remedy is not homemade but this works wonders !! It is called neocitrin not only does t make you stop coughing it also help you get a amazing sleep !! Its taste and looks like lemonade except you boil some water so that it is hot !!! best thing i would always suggest it


I am typing this while successfully coughed out the week-long cough.
Around half a cup of water, 1 big spoon turmeric, 1 small teaspoon pepper, cinnamon sticks ..boil the above mixture for 2-3 min. pour it in a cup and add 2 big spoons of Honey. Drink it immediately while it is hot!
Surely stuck cough comes out soon!


simple, easy, effective way for quick releaf from cough ----
keep one clove (lavang) in mouth... just bite it once and keep it in mouth one side. u will not cough single time as long as it is there. you can keep one and sleep...
this is also good for tooth ache, bad breath, mouth ulser.


Put 1 tablespoon of honey in your mouth. Mix it with saliva. Swallow the honey. Your coughs won't be loud and might disappear.

Ramiz Shaikh

I am surprised nobody has yet mentioned the Indian homeopathic way of getting rid of cough: Boil milk and then add turmeric (you can also add very little sugar to sweetened the milk). Drink it warm as you wouldn't like the taste once it's cold. My mom has been giving me this ever since I was a kid.


Simple, just boil a stick of cinnamon in water until water changes color then serve with a table spoon of natural honey, and squeeze a whole lemon or lime. **I recommend doing this right before bed and after you have taken a warm shower (drink it in bed under the covers and dont talk after finished with the tea)**


Crush a clove of raw garlic in a small bowl and mix in some honey. Garlic must be fresh, not bottled or prediced. Spread on toast or bread to get the whole clove down easier. Eating within 30 minutes of crushing the garlic is most potent. Eating this 30 minutes before bed always helped dry my cough when I was sleeping so I could actually get some rest. It killed my 9 year old's cough in a day. Both garlic and honey have antibacterial properties, amazing medicinal foods.


I have a horrible cold as I write this, I am so desperate for a cure to my cough that I have bee sitting up until midnight looking for a remedy. But try this, it is the thing for a cough OR sore throat, I discovered when I mixed one of my mom's remedies with one the I found on this website. First, heat up some milk, either on the stove or in the microwave, then add plenty of honey and stir in. Now add 3-4 teaspoons of hot OR cold green tea, and then a teaspoon or two of Bourbon, Whiskey, or American Honey. You can also try just a shot of one of these, or just a spoonful or regular honey. Also try eating bread and butter pickles


Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and cover your head with a towel and breathe in the will cough, tear up, your nose will run...then you will much better. A tea made of a pinch of cayenne pepper, lemon and honey does wonders as well. If you really want to get better, I swear by Wong To Lick Woodlock oil. The labels are in chinese, but this stuff is all natural vicks..really powerful stuff. it'll make you sweat :)


I would reccomend boiling cinnamon with some water then adding a few drops of lemon and add some honey for flavoring. its helped me..

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