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This really works! Rub Vicks (or cheap equivalent) on your feet and put socks on over the top at bedtime! Sounds totally daft, I know, but somehow it works! I was coughing continuously until midnight and later these last three nights, so got up and applied the Vicks and socks...slept like a baby right through to morning each night! After weeks of broken sleep I now feel great! I like to think I am not too thick in the brains department, and only desperation made me even try this Old Wives' Tale remedy, but something makes it work...and who cares WHY it works if it really DOES?!!


trust me this works
mix apple cider lemon and caynne pepper


Was sitting, miserably in bed last night reading your posts, desperately searching for some relief from an extremely sore throat and tickly cough. Star Anise kept popping up and I remembered that my kids had recently bought some Green Tea with Star Anise and Cinammon which they weren't fond of. So, made up a cup and for good measure added a good squeeze of lemon and a dollop of honey. At this point it actually tasted rather pleasant, but then decided to add a dash of tumeric for good measure, which made It look and tasted odd, rather than unpleasant. Drank most of it down and must say the annoying, tickly slightly phlemy cough subsided and I got the best night's sleep. The best thing was shortly after drinking it, my airways suddenly cleared and I could breath freely. I'm not sure which component was effective, but would definitely recommend you try this, maybe minus the tumeric (or perhaps that is the magic ingredient?!!). Feeling much better today


Coke, ginger slice, lemon slice
Add all ingredients in pot and bring to boil. Try mushing up lemon and ginger while boiling to get all juice out. Drink when it's warm.


After having an itchy throat and nagging cough for a several days I read the remedies on this site. I wanted to try the Vicks, but didn't have any. Knowing that Gold Bond lotion also contains Menthol, I rubbed some Gold Bond in to both fore-arms and it seemed to cure the cough in about fifteen minutes.


I tried just about everything Im getting over the flu but the was bad came across a jar where I keep all the teas in the jar a tea call STAR ANISE put a good amount in a pot with water and boiled pour in cup and drink as hot as you can NO HONEY NO SUGAR JUST STRAIGHT UP lasted all night but for some reason which I really didnt mind when you eat or drink something afterwards the cough would back some then I would have to make the tea again so have plenty in stock WISH YOU WELL


So for years my dad has eaten a snack so simple but it cures a sore throat? Indeed! Mix equal amounts of creamy peanut butter and your favorite jelly together in a bowl and eat by the spponful. Not only does it stop your cough for a good 3-4 hours but its delicious!


I had a cough that didn't let me sleep and my ribs were killing me. I taught English at the time. One of my mature students gave me a bottle of Cretan Raki with instructions to heat up an expresso sized cup of raki with a teaspoon of honey and drink while hot. I slept like a log for the first time in days ... and the cough was much improved. I have always used the same recipe ever since.
Any high alcohol (4o%+) drink will do. We finished the raki years ago but have used ouzo, tsipouro, and Southern Comfort all to good effect.

Off to make two lots now. That time of the year again.


This remedy is one that my mom taught me. Now plz remember that some people have different opinions about this. :) first, i have 2 different ones. eat a piece of dark chocolate and it SHOULD help. or you could mix warm water with some salt. :) it could work.... :) DOn't I i don't really reccomend um Dlysum or any other COUGH medicene. Cough drops work too. :) Thankss!


Cough's got worse since this week, read a few of these and mixed a few, feel great and can lay down without a cough!

1)Boiling water + 1 teaspoon of tumeric + 1 tablespoon of honey + 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper.

2)One slice of bread + 3 piece crushed garlic + tablespoon of honey

3)Eat an apple while sipping cold milk

4) Finally a tea with a teaspoon of honey depending on how sweet you like your tea.

Do these steps in any order, and your coughs minimize/become softer and much less frequent.

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