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2oz White grape juice, 2oz water will loosen them right up, pediatrician recommended as well as purne puré.


Ok so I'm sure a lot of people come on here to look for a remedy that will help them right then and there without having to drink or eat something they may or may not have. I have had some bad stomach issues happen lately and one side effect is constipation. There is one way that I have found that works every single time within minutes. Its strange, but so simple. All you do is go into your bedroom and lay on the ground on your back. Next, lift your hips and legs off the ground so they are in the air with your hands supporting your lower back. As weird as this sounds, kind of move your legs back and forth for a coupe minutes doing whatever motion you want. After you do that for about 5-6 min, get up and walk around for 2. Then try using the bathroom again. I swear this has always worked for me. Hope it can help someone else!


My 11yr old son had severe stomachache & was diagnosed with a blocked bowel. His physican told me to give him a stool softner (ease of flow), 30ml Milk of Magnesia (to help him 'go'). Do not use Pepto Bismol. For the next 3 days maintain a high fiber diet-frost miniwheats or oatmeal for breakfast, Navy/Lima beans for dinner, almonds/walnuts for a snack and the best constipation cocktail drink is mixing equal parts of prune juice & orange juice.
Research 'high-fiber foods' to get a list of additional food choices.


Hi i have suffered from severe constipation most of my adult life and have went through horific pain. i fing it helpful to count down from 100 and keep a readers digest on hand.... this may be a long process. You may want to put a do NOT disturb sign on the outside of your oval office, as this may require extreme consentration. You may need to take a quick trip to wally world and purchase a yoga mat, i have found it quite relaxing to do a few posses before the grunting begins. I hope that this has been very helpful. And one last tip after the turds have escaped,that charmen altra stong is very durable and doesnt leave pieces behind.
Finally if all else fails, turn to some stool softener.


WOW! !!! Most people make this so involved. FOR 3 generations like '200' years my family has simply taken three canned prunes with a couple of tablespoons of the juice as provided in the can with their with their breakfast. It has worked if your 9 or 90. Basically thats it . Really I have Never had it NOT WORK. If it does not you should consider calling your doctors office. Of course if you have this problem on a regular weekly ? basic you should again consult your doctor. There probably is something wrong with your overall diet or medically wrong etc. GOD Bless us one and all !!

Susie B.

i find kiwis or freshly squeezed orange juice help, you can use them together or seperately.


I have been dealing with constipation for a ling time ..went to the doc a bunch of times and tried everything..metamucil,vegetables an fruits with fiber, coffe, dieters tea, all kind of laxatives and it gets tireing over time and sometimes this fails until one day i decided to eat raisin bran cereal ..omgg!! The best relief!! Take a bowl of this cereal three times a day.. For breakfast , im the middle of the day amd at night and i assure you ..youll be fine!!! Raisin bran the kellogs brand :)


It's all very well telling us to go eat fibre and drink plenty of water, but most of us will have already tried that, as we've already been told that by our dr. Which is why we're still constipated. Duh. Do you really think that if fibre and water worked, most of us would still be constipated? No. Don't you think it's the ones who get diahorrea regularly need the bulk-forming foods, to make them poop properly? The constipated ones, need foods to make theirs looser, meaning no bulk, as that would only add more bulk than you akready need. Do not listen to any dr. They know damn all about constipation. They always give you ironic advice. Which only results in the patient giving up going to a dr anyway. All this 'Eat plenty of fruit, veg, and fibre', is nothing more than an old-age myth. Like i said earlier, if that actually worked, none of us would still get constipated. I'm only gonna say two words, PEPPERMINT CANDIES.


Constipation has affected me all of my life. I can take a warm water enema and go about my business like nothing ever happened. I don't understand why so many people are so afraid of them.


For constipation try Grapefruit Juice with Apple Juice..Both are high in fiber.

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