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After days of trying ex-lax and other otc laxatives I was ready for relief.
Warning this will give you diarrhea so be ready.
Eat 1 bowl of raisin brain then 15 minuets after you eat that take
2 tablespoons of milk of magnesia ( i do cherry)
then 15 minuets later take
1/2-1 tablespoon of mineral oil (its oily and kind of hard to get down so have water or a drink ready )then right after take
1/2-1 tablespoon more of the milk of magnesia
drink water you will be going soon. Also laying on your back is best if the constipation has been causing you back pain just bend your legs and keep them up.


A spoon of flax seeds down with water


I get constipated when I travel. I find that for complete predictability, fast action,thoroughness, and insignificant expense, nothing beats the time-honored soapsuds enema. Purchase a 2 quart (1 litre) fountain syringe, $4.95 at most WalMarts. Mix Ivory (or some other mild soap, NOT detergent) in water that is slightly hot on your wrist. Fill the bag let the water flow to let the air out of the hose close the clamp and hang it 2-3 ft above you, whether you choose to lie on the bed or on the floor. Lie om your left side and pull your legs into a gently bent position. Insert the nozzle. (Hint, the douche nozzle provides a gentler flow, AND stays in place better.) OPen the hose clamp and RELAX. If it begins to hurt, close the clamp and wait for the pain to ease, then resume filling. A normal adult can easily take a full bag. If youare giving one to a constipated child, halfa bag for children 6 to 12. Do not give to a younger child w/o consulting a doctor. Children over 12 can take the full bag. The longer you hold the enema, the better it will work. I suggest doing your first few on the bathroom floor, as acidents are messy. After your first few times, you will know when to get on the toilet. If you want a complete bowel cleansing, continue taking the soapy enemas until you are releasing clean water. Follow up the soapy enema(s) with a plain water rinse.


1/4 cup of warm water and juice of a wedge of lime drink this first thing in the morning.


Prune Juice!

I have a very large right inguinal hernia that I had surgery on. Having to poop felt like having a child and I just couldn't go, stool softener doesn't work! I'd drink two good sized cups of prune juice, and within an hour max I was going so easily and there was no pain. Don't try eating wheat things and taking fiber, I've tried it all during my recovery when constipation was extreme, and the best thing was Prune Juice!

el bloato

For relief of constipation, a healthy lower GI tract, in fact for almost all diseases related to GI tract, use cannabis. In Asia cannabis extracts were once the most common medicine in home cupboards, primarily used to treat all manner of GI tract problems, especially constipation. Juiced raw flower tops work without side effect of intoxication. Of course, legality is an issue.
Constipation has a strong psychological component. Stress, flight or fight syndrome brings on constipation, e.g. travelers syndrome as most common. Childhood issues 'holding it in' so as not to have to 'go' in public school another unfortunate aspect of American society hang up with bodily functions.

Agree with some posts, MD's are mostly useless and bulking up on water and brown rice may eventually cause a large explosion of you know what down the road but does not relieve quickly. Enemas work every time, but that isn't for everyone and can be unsafe if not done correctly. Whether it's constipation or Chrone's disease instant diarrhea , cannabis is the ticket, no question. The dietary guidelines are all good, but it takes awhile for that to get you back on track and even then, if the psychological problem isn't dealt with you will be on and endless cycle. Study cannabinoid system and GI tract on line. The foot guy (walking advice) has something to say, certain kinds of exercise working the abdomen (swimming too), a big help .


Cod liver oil 2 table spoons everyday in the morning with coffee.don't eat until it works for a colon flush.


Now this is my theory for constipation

Shoes!! The way we walk means we are slapping our feet and not engaging our abdominal muscles - some of these muscles are very deep and can only be activated by very specific and smart training.

Now - this has worked every time for me. Whenver i feel constipated i walk barefoot in my house - but i grip with my toes really hard. This has always engaged some muscles around my abdomen and then within an hour or two - i have to go and its a full flush cleanout.

If you are badly constipated - i would suggest walk barefoot for about 15 mins. grip really hard with your toes at each step - talk a natural laxative (like senna leave tablets) and go to sleep. See what happens next morning.


There is a good book on Amazon called The Complete Guide To Constipation Relief Naturally. There are very good tips how to overcome constipation.

Flax Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar Mix
Place 1 tablespoonful of flax seeds into boiling water and simmer until the substance will become jelly like. Once it cools down add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
Drink in the morning.

Flax seeds and oat bran Mix
Place 1 tablespoonful of flax seeds and 1 tablespoonful of oat bran into little bowl, cover the mixture with filtrated water and leave overnight. Eat this mixture in the morning half an hour before your breakfast. Do not forget to drink lots of water!


I had constipation bad the week before thanksgiving. I tried everything from hot water and jogging to laxatives to prune juice. Nothing worked. The prune juice came the closest making me poop tiny bits every few hours but not enough to relieve my constipation. Thanksgiving day I drank 8 ounces of magnesium citrate. It comes in a glass bottle from a drugstore or walmart.. it doesn't taste pleasant but you can mix it with orange juice or a fruit smoothie or some grape or prune juice to make the taste better. Within five hours I was flushed out. Its the disgusting miracleliquid for adults or children with constipation!

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