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I have been able to rid myself completely of lifelong constipation. I wanted to add a method I discovered quite by accident which helps in passing stools easily on the much rarer occasions now that I am constipated. All fellow constipation sufferers know how much TIME we spend on the toilet to pass our stools. Most of us sit on the toilet upright.But when you sit on the toilet bend your upward body forwards such that your torso(upper body or waist up) is parallel to the ground and your face is between your knees ( I also put my palms touching the floor mat. Completely remove any underwear or pants round your ankles so that you can really spread the knees apart (THIS IS KEY) so that the anal sphincter isn't constricted & can relax as much as possible. Then just wait for your stools to come. NO need to strain. Be patient.It may take 2 minutes or 10 minutes.But it surely comes for me EVERYTIME & the BEST part is I dont strain and pain is completely absent or very little. This method helps to remove those last lumps of stool(which make you feel you haven't gone completely) which no amount of straining could remove in the past for me. No need to buy a stool as recommended by some.People with big tummies may have difficulty bending forward.I found the use of stool not to my taste as my urine drips all way back to your anal sphincter and that grossed me out. I have already posted my food remedy on constipation which is prune juice or dry prunes. Tip:Try consuming the dry prunes or juice after a meal since I found out by trial and error that consuming it prior to food consumption can cause very watery stools and I feel some rumbles in my intestines. I made diet changes like much less spicy food & trying to eat some fresh fruit for fiber everyday. God Bless everyone to be freed of constipation like me:)


Raisin Bran and a couple glasses of Orange juice and Grape juice seemed to do the trick for me. Thankfully!! I had actually went to the ER about 3 weeks ago for what I thought was a heart attack and was 'diagnosed' with Pleurisy and Costochondritis. Now I believe after reading on many sites that GAS can and will cause you to feel like you could be having a heart attack THAT is what I was experiencing. Since i FINALLY got that crap out of my system(pun intended), my chest no longer hurts at all. My stomach no longer hurts at all. And I ended up using a mixture of things I found on this site. I ate about 2 bowls of Raisin Bran and drank 2 glasses of OJ and then 2 glasses of Grape Juice. And NOW i couldn't feel better and I actually like those things so I didn't have any horrible tastes to deal with. So IF you are constipated as bad as I was. Try those 3 things and you should be good to go, literally. :)


to get rid of constipation my gram said to eat apples.
i aslo discovered eating too much total raisin bran also works. lol
(sorry for spelling mistakes).

Constipated girl13

Hi there! I am 13 years old and for about 3 years I have been struggling from constipation . My mother and I have went to doctors and they have prescribed many things and told me to eat on a regular schedule . Well one thing I have used is miralax (spelling is probably wrong lol) well I used it for a couple of weeks and it didn't work that well so a couple weeks ago my mom bought me laxatives and they worked great but every time I would take one I couldn't poop the following days afterward so we thought I had gotten used to it . So now my mom has bought me prune juice and dried prunes and they work miracles at least drink 8 oz and eat about 5 to 10 dried prunes . They may not taste delicious but they will work . :)


When I would get constipated as a little girl, my mother would mix molasses with milk and give that to me. Recently, due to an increase in my iron intake, I have been suffering at the hand of constipation, so a couple weeks ago, I found our jar of molasses and mixed some in a small glass of milk, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Only in a matter of minutes too! I don't have exact measurements but it was a fairly small glass, probably about 8oz, and probably about a tbsp of molasses. Anyway, it tastes really good and works very quickly! Use however much you need


I'm 13 and I have constipation so bad it hurts in my stomach! I was told I have a blockage and am de hydrated and to drink plenty of water. One of my moms home remedies was 3tbsp of honey or olive oil. After that I was on the toilet so much she bought me a pair of pj's with a butt flap. Hope this helps!


All I got to say is 2 tbsp of olive oil (extra virgin) or 3 tbsp of honey (you can take with tea). Another one that worked for me was mint tea with ginger and honey. Hope it works! And to all of my fellow constipatees, I send you of with a salute and a good luck!


A great home remedy to cure constipation is agarwood leaves. The leaves can be made into a tea that completely flushes your body of toxins (such as mercury). One of the advantages of this flush is it also eliminates any constipation 100% naturally.


The best and 100% effective remedy for constipation
is to use Zandu Nityam Churan diluted in l/4 cup of hot water.


I used to suffer of constipation as a little child and my mom used to give me a spoon full of pure olive oil and it worked. You can squeeze a little bit of lemon to the spoon or you can lick it after you take the spoon full of olive oil. It has helped many people. Hope it works for you.

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