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Dried apricots,cook prunes until they r tender pp put them in a fridge and eat a little everyday and prune juice almond powrder in a porridge or something else.consume all at the same time I mean apricots spittle amount,cooked and pureed for babies alittle amount,and all the ingredients.if ur baby is big ask a professional coz this was for my self I used bran flakes,weetabix,broccoli,green veggies apples etc.the high fiber foods


--Best All Time Remedy for Constipation-

This magic remedy is used for centuries in Pakistan & India with 99.99% success.

Before going to bed, Take 2 full table spoons of 'Isabgol'(also called 'Sat Isabgol'or 'Psyllium seed husks') in
a glass full of water or milk and go to sleep. It will work in 8-12 hours and you will see the results in the morning. (it is better to use warm water or milk)

This is how it works:
The isabgol contains large quantities of a gelatinous substance, which absorbs water, and, due to its enhanced swelling properties, forms an emollient gel that facilitates the passage of intestinal contents and stimulates bowel movement. Because isabgol forms a bulk on swelling, it is classified as a bulk-laxative. It is usually effective within 8-12 hours. Since isabgol is unaffected by the digestive enzymes and not absorbed into the system, it does not affect the absorption of other nutrients. It passes unchanged through the intestines. Therefore the action of isabgol is purely mechanical, as it relives constipation by mechanically stimulating bowel movement. This process closely approximates the body’s own mechanism. The Jelly-like substance has, in addition, a remarkable capacity to absorb bacterial and other toxins in the intestines. In short, Sat Isabgol works partly by lubrication and partly by increasing the bulk of the intestinal contents, which stimulates bowel movement.


I've had problems with constipation for 20 years. Doctors recommended me to take more fiber, drink plenty of water, but I had no results. I took laxatives, enemas, etc. and nothing worked. After ordering Poopdoc and using it the very first night I had relief.

Gina rose

Okay so here's the thing I'm...Constipated...again.
Yeah. So I ask everyone for remedies and nothing would seem to work but my grandmother and my father both told me to eat a big dinner and after the dinner eat something sweet, with some dairy in it. And if you're on a diet don't worry about gaining weight with this remedy you will have alil less to worry about


eat pineapples,sweetcorn,fruit skins
and lots and lots of water to get rid of constipation.


Warm Prune juice is like a miracle relief for constipation. I was deathly ill in the hospital. Iron supplements and pain meds made the situation even worse.. If I was not going to die from the ailment i was in there for, I was sure my stomach would explode. So sick and painful. Nurse shifts changed and I'll never forget Nurse Florence ( I always referr to her as Florence Nightengale) brought me 2 coffee cups of heated (hot, but not too hot to drink) prune juice.. I had already tried it cold, but this did the trick within 10 mins. Whenever I remember, it still always does the trick, and quick. Apples also usually help, or some strong coffee, minus the sugar (add honey, since i see that helps in some other posts...but keep it black and strong. Godspeed you all to the restroom for relief at long last! Best Wishes.


Acute/Chronic Constipation

I was suffering from constipation for about 25-30 years. I tried all my best but my problem was getting worst day by day. I had no feeling of bowl moment and I was unable pass stool for 5-6 days without using laxatives. I pray to the GOD a lot. One day it came to my mind, I am using it and by the grace of GOD it helps me a lot. It is very simple and easy. Here it is for everyone.

1. One tea spoon (1 ts) extra virgin olive oil in the morning with empty stomach.
2. One table spoon (1 tbs) of fiber husk keep in plain water for 5 minutes and then drink it, (after 1 hour of extra virgin olive oil.)

That’s it.......
You may apply this everyday or until you need it.
You can have your regular meal after one or two hours. Obviously drinking more fluid, using more fiber and eating fresh vegetable and fruits helps.

I hope it will help all of you.
Best Wishes for your good health.


Here are some natural tips in treating constipation that have ~ always worked with me

1. Prune,fig,apricot. Eating them on empty stomach will help a lot. Juicing and warming any of these or eating them dried will help also.
2. Prepare a cup of orange with 1 tablespoon of honey and drink on empty stomach
3. Get exposed to cold or cold water.
4. Take peppermint tea or ginger tea.

If you always suffer from constipation, then try changing your diet by eating as many vegetables and fruits as possible and drinking more water and reducing the intake of meat and dairy products, and don't forget that many frequently consumed teas can aggravate and even cause constipation


OK, this one is the easiest, good for you and pleasant one (I tried many in my life, now don't have costipation any more!). After dinner eat 2 soft kiwis. That's all! Eat them, every day, they are full of vitamin C so good for you, when you are already costipated may work after 2 days or so. With love A

Arbil Klamp

This has been a sure fire remedy every time and is NOT a joke. It usually takes over night but is better than chemical laxatives or fiber powders(in fact it's worked better for me than those). Several hours before going to bed , around supper time, I eat as many canned chili beans as I can heated in the microwave and mixed with raw onions, MILD picante sauce, and a handful of low sodium Fritos.(Pinto beans in chili sauce. Found in the canned beans section) It's sort of a dumbed down version of Frito Pie. ENJOY and then go to bed. If things aren't moving with your first cup of coffee in the morning then here's the trick for motivating things that has NEVER failed me after eating beans the night before. Pour chilled strawberry soda in a bowl and add ten or so prunes. I eat the prunes with a spoon so I can get a slurp of strawberry soda with each bite(I really like the taste of this anyway). Everyone is different, but for me it takes effect in about an hour and a half. I would suggest that you be near a bathroom after you eat the prunes! For me this doesn't just liquefy and go around clogged beans, it CLEARS me out! I can actually feel lower back pain going away and a feeling of lower abdominal freedom(if you've ever been really constipated you know what I mean). I discovered this remedy when I was injured and prescribed narcotic pain medication. I was told it could constipate and that I should drink lots of water. Two days into taking the medication I was very constipated. I just thought about foods that normally helped keep me regular and focused on those. Basically, beans, onions, picante sauce, coffee, and prunes. If you don't like my ingredients then that's too bad, I just know this remedy has NEVER failed me.

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