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Mix an equal amount of orange juice with grape juice. Organic worked better for me. I'm honestly not sure if non organic will work because I've only used organic, it was recommended. It works great for my daughter. 8oz of this mix gave us relief within 12 hours or less.

Abhijeet Bhande Patil

Chronic Constipation :
I was suffering from Chronic Constipation from last 25 years.I had tried all medicines, diets etc. Finally I got ' Panchakarma ' Treatment from Ayurvedic Doctor. He suggested me 8 day 'Basti ' program. Program included massage of body by oil, then steam and then putting mixure of oils and ayurvedic medicines through anal... This is the best treatment available for Chroic Constipation and I am happy that I am free from constipation now....


Eat ripe papaya


Take a magnesium tablet every day. Start out with 500 mg and lower to 250 after constipation eases. This has been used by numerous members of my family and will completely eliminate the problem. Magnesium is cheap and can be gotten at any store selling herbs.


Prunes (Dried plums)work well.


get checked for 'food intolerance's'

having suffered from constipation for years mine cleared up after getting checked for intolerance's.

Yeast was my worst issue, then wheat and dairy products.
good luck.


Upon rising have a full glass of water with a teaspoon of Enos (found at most chemists and supermarkets) and follow with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Repeat before going to bed. Also eat at least one meal a day of raw vegetables. Drink plenty of water between meals. This has literally changed my life. I used to have bad breath in the mornings and now I go regularly ( surprisingly every day now ) it has all but gone.


Having bowel movements daily (using poopdoc formula of course), enough fiber in the diet, probiotics and at least 2 quarts of water a day makes an astronomical difference in health.


Soak 15 to 20 raisins in 1/4 cup of water at night , next morning eat the raisins and drink the water before you eat breakfast . It always helps me .. Good luck !!


the best in a ayurvedic mnedicine '''' yellow tab' nd then u will be relived.aftr breaking ur constipation once have more of dals, fruits,.,.dnt keep ur stomach...

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