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164 Home Remedies for Constipation


Eat graham crackers. I generous amount.

Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Hamburger meat works better than the full strength medicine hospitals prescribe. I was severely constipated for two straight weeks while in the hospital. The doctors tried everything. My grandfather told me to go buy a hamburger. I did It.It worked the same day. Now I make sure hamburger meat is in my families diet weekly. Nobody in my family has been consstipated in 7 years.


For constipation to stay regular or to clean your system take glass of water and squeeze a half of a lemon or lime and half of a teaspoon of sugar and mix it then drink it before any breakfast or drink in the morning and you will see the results. And if you are not regular then slice a whole tomatoe put some salt and eat it in the morning before any meal or drink. guarranteed.


Drink a warm cup of coffe to help with constipation.


Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil mixed together every morning. If you are not used to olive oil just pop a mint in your mouth straight after, but you get used to this very quickly.

I have been able to stop taking laxatives using this remedy. It helps to oil the bowel.

If the problem is severe do it morning and night.


For babies, give a teaspoon of butter with a pinch of sugar or the juice of raisins soaked for eight hours in water once a day.


Drink a tablespoon of corn syrup in a cup of water.


Drink a glass of milk with some sugar or honey twice a day.


Eat bael fruit as a natural laxative.


Eat more fruit such as prunes, pears, grapes, orange juice, and papaya.

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