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Daily Probiotic are great for digestive issues. TruNature Brand, new at are a great value.

Chimmi Dholkar

So far out of all the natural remedies I have tried, Karma Blends natural tea has worked the best for me. Its called Eater's digest and is an amazing blend of carom seeds and chamomile...Great after heavy meals!

Vegetable lover

Basically what all these home remedies are suggesting is that you are trying to basically give yourself dhirea. All you have to do is eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Anything with lots of fiber will clear your system well. This is coming from a person who has a lot of experience with it. As a child, let's just say I really liked vegetables. Feel free to try any of the other remedies and good luck with your problems.


After reading all the other posts, mine may seem a bit simple... but it's very easy to apply. I got this advice from someone working in a pharmacy. I was looking for weight loss remedies and after a bit of discussion, the woman said that it sounded like I had an 'elimination' problem. I told her that I tend to retain fluids, so I don't want to be pounding down lots of water all day. She explained that I should be drinking small amounts of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. To improve elimination, she advised me to drink about 250 ml of water at room temperature as soon as I get up in the morning. She said that your digestive system is working through the night, and it's at its 'readiest' to be emptied in the morning when you get up and get vertical. Constipation is simply a lack of sufficient fluid in the lower intestine. So, if you give your lower intestines that fluid when it's most useful, it will help your natural rhythm. It's been a great success. I just keep a bottle of water by the bed or in the livingroom and start sipping as soon as I get up. It's been very effective and constipation is a thing of the past. I also try to eat fiber when possible. But the water in the morning has been amazing.


Unripe bananas every time (greener the better) to keep you regular. Ripe for diarrhoea.


Go Juice always works for me. Go Juice is equal parts orange, apple and prune juice. 8oz. for adults.

Ron S.

For mild constipation, use a small stool (4” to 6” high) to elevate the legs while on the toilet. Place the stool as close as possible to the toilet bowl, and shift your body forward toward the front of the toilet seat. For more leverage, try coughing or sneezing (inhale some pepper if unable to sneeze on demand). You will also need to push at the exact moment the cough or sneeze occurs. CAUTION: This method is probably not recommended for more severe constipation.

The following can also help ease the strain of going potty, but you pretty much need a hole in the ground for it to work. Squat low to the ground so the back of the thighs are resting on the calves, lean forward slightly, and rest your triceps on your knees. (Subtle rocking sometimes helps.) If you’ve ever been constipated while in the woods without proper facilities, you know that the pipes will clear much easier when you're crouching!



This remedy does not give immeidiate relief,but,it is very effective.Eat plenty of apples and drink 2+ cups of orange juice,(pulp for better results.)
I hope this remedy helps you!


Take a regular spoon of baking powder and put it in a glass of water and drink it as fast as possible. In less than 25 mins you would be going to the bathroom in no time.


THIS WORKS! After days of feeling constipated and trying several laxative meds i came upon Epsom Salt. If you read the directions and uses well enough you'll see it has a variety of uses including the use as a saline laxative. Wow who knew? Most will give directions on how much to take but if not mix 2 Tea spoons into an 8 oz. glass of water be patient and wait about 30min to 4.hrs depending and ahhh relief! Best of all it does not give you stomach cramps. Do not exceed 2 doses per day Read and Follow the directions and all should be well.

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