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Drink water to keep yourself hydrated and get get some exercise (take walks around the block, you don't have to get crazy). Don't forget about Castor Oil it is an excelent natural remedy. I little can go a long way.


If your constipation remedies have failed you and you are trying to have a bowel movement try the following: With the bowel movement started but not moving when you strain, place your fingers above or beside the anus and apply pressure to change the shape or help force out the hard feces. This works for me because of the pain killers I must take whch causes severe constipation. Stool softeners help somewhat.


chlorela and spirulina has been flushing me out. Also if u weigh more than 150 lbs divide your weight by 2 and drink that much water a day.

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Hi world listen up I suffered from this bad problem it's name is constipation. Hey its stressful but. This what I did to releave mine I read many articles about it and took advice from the statements that people have gave.And it is simple if we keep up with or life style and changes. Like the last time this problem didn't effect u and things where normal with u r bowel. Get pleanty of rest, but excrise is imporant stop staying up late nites also us 50to75% of fiber in the food u eat such as fruits&veggies. Make chart and keep up on the foods u intake stay away from alot of sugar because it put starch&yeast in the digestive tract. Eat lite meals don't over eat ur self because thats the start of it all. I use the bathroom three time a day and when I get off tract I suffer from poor choices the same for u as well if u dont do what is rite for u ok! If u can afford to go and get u some foods that will help u out such as plums, kiwi, strawberries, cabbage, greens, pinto beans. If u have ti have meats chicken,fish no pork or beef its hard for the body to break down. Drink plenty of water at least 10 8oz glasses of water and juice. Also eat plenty of pasta do not add alot of cheese please it will only block u up again. Hey look its hard to change old habits but for better health it worth it rite! Do not eat alot of greasie foods like fried foods ok. Cerals that has bran in it whole grain so it will absorb the water u drink if u not scared off metmucils drinks or bulk fiber u mix up in water! If u cant drink lots of water fresh put lemonds in it or make kool aid try not to use alot of sugar try this things and let me know how it works for u. I like too see us all healthy we just may need each other in the future. And we all love life and need live it to the fullest but it start with good eating not what u eat make it good ok! May god bless us on our journey to better health ok!!!!

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Constipation stinks and I've struggled with it my whole life! I realized that salty foods are not the best things for constipation, like chips and things. But a natural remedy is a good glass or two of apple juice. It softens stool and out it goes! If that doesnt work... try a laxitive solution like Miralax... and put it in the apple juice and mix it around... let it sit and dissolve then drink it and you should be relieved in the next 6 hours! You could also try pepto bismol sometimes it works, depending on your case. Best of Luck!!


Are you exercising regularly? If not, you should be. Some people hate going to the gym and use this as an excuse not to exercise. You do not have to follow a gym regime, you can exercise anywhere you like including your own home. It is best to get out into the fresh air if you can but even running up and down your stairs will help to improve your overall fitness levels.


I have found after years of constipation that simply leaning lower towards my knees on the toilet has helped tremendously.


Constipation is not a disease, but a symptom. Sometimes it becomes so severe, that it leads to chain of symptoms such as weakness, fissures, etc. Traditionally used natural therapies (Biogetica) offer an excellent combination of resonance homeopathic, naturopathic and nutritional supplements for treating constipation. They assist in restoring normal movements, improve the enzymatic activity within the gastrointestinal tract and reinstate the normal bowel flora. Generally an immediate improvement in bowel movements are noticed, which return to normal on completion of treatment protocol. They are effective alternatives to laxatives. Natural remedies provide you with an effective, natural and non habit-forming solution to Constipation.


This is the best and fastest remedy I have ever tried for constipation. After being constipated for days, a friend of mine who is a nurse told me that the first thing they do in the hospital for those that are suffering from constipation is put 6-8oz of prune juice in a coffee mug and heat it for 45 seconds. Then put 1 tbsp of real butter in the juice and heat for another 25 seconds. Allow it to cool for 30 seconds then give it a good stir and have the sufferer drink all of it, within 5-10 minutes.

I'm not lying when I say it worked in about an hour. It's quite a love/hate relationship, plus it's pretty inexpensive... Can't beat that!


I have suffered from serious constipation for years especially during pregnancy and after baby born. I recommend to take two Moringa Max capsules in the morning with warm water. Moringa Max can help Irritable Bowel Syndrome –IBS and IBD - as well. Moringa leaf Powder Provides absorbable natural calcium to build bones young and old. Moringa Max is made by Natural Ease Corp in California.

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