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56 Home Remedies for Common Cold

Sheila walsh

Put a cold,wet cloth on (victem's) patients head.Let them ly down with the cloth still on their fore head.Let them get lots of rest,then remove.Works every time!


Take vitamin C, and zinc. Get plenty of rest and NEVER inhale or snort. Blow it all out.


Take a Grapefruit or Sour Orange and pour honey over the slices or just over the halved fruit. Eat it and within a couple days you are cured. My husband is Haitian and this is how they cured their colds growing up. Works Wonders! Also Honey Lemon/Orange Tea works well.


Chest Congestion
The sweetness of your breath may suffer, but eating a plate of curried, sauteed onions on rice can really loosen congestion in your chest. Lightly saute two onions, sliced, and at least 1 teaspoon of curry powder in 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil until the onions are soft. Onions contain quercetin and sulfur, two plant compounds that break up mucus and increase circulation, explains Orlarsch. Curry also loosens phlegm.


Drink lots of hot green tea, it will take away your cold right away, if you drink, 3-4 cups for the next two days. Don't forget to rest!


Eat 5 to 6 raw cloves of garlic a day during the cold and 1 to 2 cloves a couple of weeks after the cold. It builds your imune system. You could chop them up an put them in a salad if you can't take them whole. Above all do not cook them. This removes all the essential qualities it the garlic.


This is not a cure, but a treatment for stuffy phlegmmy cold sufferers, passed down from my grandmother Ethel. Recipe: take two large yellow onions, peeled,halved and quartered. Place in a small saucepan and just cover with water. Add about two cups of sugar. The water should be grainy, as there should be so much sugar that it doesn’t dissolve completely. Bring to a rapid boil and stir until all sugar is absorbed. Lower temperature to a rolling boil and simmer uncovered until onions are mush and liquid has a very syrupy consistency. Remove from heat, and be careful, as this is boiled sugar here, don’t burn yourself! Completely mush the onions, and if you’re finicky (or your patient is) sieve syrup to get rid of onion bits, although this step is not truly necessary as onion syrup just happens to taste delicious. Decant into a glass jar. Administer every couple of hours or so by the tablespoonful to deep-chest cold victims who cough a lot and have a lot of phlegm. Best if taken warm. keeps a good week or a little more in the fridge. after that, it can be frozen for the next cold!


Ginger tea or a teaspoonful lf ginger juice taken with equal quantity of honey brings relief for the common cold.


A good remedy for a common cold is 3% hyrdogen peroxide in your ears to kill the virus/bacteria works all the time you'll notice the difference in 12-14 hours the cold is gone

tipi girl

boiling ceder and adding lemon and honey will help a chest cold when drinking tree to four cups a day

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