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56 Home Remedies for Common Cold


Sorry if i spelt something wrong.
Many people already know this one but i wanted to add it so other people can find out about it.

1-2 cups boiling water
1 tea bag- non-caffinated
1-2 tsp. Honey
1 shot bourbon

It does help. And it also helps you sleep too.


drink 2 glass of water and 100gm jaggery half an hour before going to bed.
* After eating jaggery u r not supposed to drink water.


this helps me alot when i get a cold it not a cure but it helps and it gets you back on your feet my dad alawys gave it to me and its not one bit harmful. this is what you'll need:
. quarter-cup boiling water
.2 tsp of lemon juice
.12 tsp cayyene pepper
.1 cushed clove of garlic
.1 tsp of honey

just mix them all together and drink!


The most effective remedy I know of is Greek Mountain tea. You can get this kind of tea from Greek and other Eastern Mediterranean stores.

The tea typically comes in the form of a long sprig containing many small buds and leaves. The tea is prepared by breaking off a few sprigs and placing them in boiling water for a few minutes.

It takes bit of work to prepare it, but there is a company out there that makes a version of the tea that you can just steep, like a regular loose tea.

The tea has a light and slightly citrusy flavour. My kids love it, and I feel better about giving them something ligh and natural instead of drugging them.


This is a Korean or Japanese method. I apoiligize for those who cannot handle spicy flavors. Wasabi is taken and about half a teaspoon is eaten with any food you would like to take it with. *sushi recommended* eaten alone is oaky but it may be too spicy. My father did this and the next morning he was healthy and didnt cough or have a sore throat.

LiViNg TeStImOnY

1/4 cup honey, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 6-8 peppermints( more if you'd like), 1-2 lemons cut and squeezed into mixture,bring to a boil over the stove, make sure to leave the lemon rines in while boiling. After it is all mixed pretty good and the peppermints are pretty much melted, drink as much as possible while it is still warm. You may try drinking it while hot with a teaspoon, but blow it a lot before you drink it of course. This should sooth the sore throat, and help with any chest congestion, sinus congestion, and nasal congestion. You can save the rest of what you didn't use in a glass jar and keep it in the pantry. And re-heat as needed. Take as many doses as day as you can, the more and the longer you use it the better.


This method helps to keep a cold from turning into a sinus infection. It also helps a bit with congestion.

1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 tablespoon distilled vinegar
1 cup boiling water

Dissolve/dilute the salt and vinegar in the boiling water. This solution can then be used either with an atomizer (a recycled Afrin nose spray bottle is what I used) or put up in a dropper bottle.

Obviously you let it cool!

I've used this as a nose spray to help with colds and to help prevent sinus infections. I've also used it as a prophylactic method before going on outings with crowds during cold season. I've still gotten the occasional cold but don't seem to get them as easily.

The saline is easy on the sinuses and the vinegar creates a slightly acidic pH. My guess is that sinus bugs don't like the pH shift.

Give it a try. I've had good luck with it and used to get sinus infections as a result of having a cold nearly every time. I also used to get sinus infections from swimming. Those are also history.


I go Sprouts and buy Umka drops and Sambuca liquid. They are for cold and flu. I take both at first sign. Knocks it right out, 90% better in one day, keep on taking until you are at 100%


GOJI JUICE. This is one of the highest sources of natural Vitamin C on the planet, has everything imaginable in it, and it's good. You can get a 32 oz. bottle online at some place for around $8 - $10 (compared to other places that have it at like $40). I usually get mine from or Also goes by the name wolfberry. I've been taking it for nearly a year now and have not been sick since. Everyone around me has been sick (they haven't been taking it regularly like I have). There have been a couple of times where I would get a little itch in my throat if everyone around me was sick, but I would drink some goji and it would literally be gone by the time I swallowed. This stuff has proven to be miraculous. My nephew was recently starting to get a cold, I gave him several glasses of the stuff diluted with water and he was completely better within 2 HOURS. This is the best thing not only for colds and flus, but for everything else as well. Hope to be able to spread the word about this stuff - it's what everyone needs!


Catch that Cold Early! (for those 21 and over)

I use this remedy ever time that I start to feel the common cold symptoms. It hasn't failed me yet.

Chamomile or Sleepytime Tea
Fresh Lemon
Hall's Vitamin C Defense Drops (citrus assortment)
E&J Brandy

Place 3 teasooons of sugar, tablespoon of honey, sqeezed and lemon juice in a mug with water. Microwave the mug for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes.

Remove mug from microwave and add a tablespoon of the brandy along with two vitimin C drops.

Before drinking sit and inhale the mixture. Proceed to drink.

Two cups of this remedy will alleviate any if not all of your symptoms and could clear them up in one shot.

The cold weather is coming so get your ingredients ready. Enjoy!

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