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7 Home Remedies for Colon Care


Grains of Lino or the common name in mexican stores is 'Linasa' Something important to note is that flaxseed must be consumed raw to enjoy all its benefits, but should be 'soaked' to neutralize a toxic substance that is present in minute proportions called cyanide. Ingested daily 2 tablespoons flaxseed powder, leaving two hours previously soaked in half a glass of water or juice. Use two tablespoons of flaxseed and ground in a food processor, blender, mixer or any implement that enables it dust. Flaxseed is used to achieve extendedly colon cleansing natural, gradual and sustained. Its high fiber content gives power to mitigate the large intestine, prevent constipation and maintain regularity at stool.

Among its advantages, a small fee: although no commercial presentations made ​​more expensive, a package of flaxseed sold in bulk, enough for beginners to use, can cost the equivalent of a dollar or less. In addition, flaxseed also contains numerous other beneficial properties for the body (see below). So linseed diets are designed to lose weight. The seed has the following benefits for weight loss:
Saciante: Because of its high fiber content, and absorb a lot of water, quickly give the feeling of fullness. So in a lot of volume there are few calories.
Diuretic: Fatty acids are forming flaxseed helps the kidneys to excrete excess fluids and toxins through the urine.
Purifying: Because of its high fiber content achieved, the intestine, drag all the waste that the body does not need, and helping to prevent constipation.
At a recent conference held at the Flax Institute of the United States, scientists turned their attention to flaxseed and its role in healing and prevention of many degenerative diseases.
In research and clinical experience, and researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig lipid authority on fats and oils, flaxseed oil has been used successfully in cancer therapy for over 35 years.

Ron Benefield

I prefer a magnesium oxygen type colon cleanser that can be ingested as pills at night. Death begins in the colon and good health begins in the colon and most if not all chronic disease like heart disease,diabetes,arthritis, etc, can be directly or indirectly traced back to the colon as the source of the disease. I do not suggest or recommend high colonics since they are expensive and the dollar return is not as good as the oxygen based products as well as the results.


Switch to wheat bread,
Eat more fruits and vegtables,
Drink pepperment tea for bloating,gas, and digestion,
Tsp. honey every morning
Avoid heavy foods and try not to mix
meat with heavy carbs (potatoes,bread,macaroni)


Psyllium seed and water will help cleanse the colon.


Drink plenty of water.


Take acidophilus in capsules to control bacteria and to prevent bad breath, gas, bloating, and constipation.


Take a warm bath with three tablespoons of ginger root to cleanse the body of toxins.

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