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32 Home Remedies for Colitis

Eve E

After suffering from lymphcytic colitis from the age of 27, I have tried all the steriods, asacol(and all the drugs I had to take for the painful sides effects), donnatol, etc. If you've suffered your doctor pushed em on you too.
Eat a pro-biotic everyday, DO NOT EAT WHEAT!!!!!, and treat with pink bismuth - don't worry about the black tongue or too much metal in your body- this works better than anything to bring the inflammation down.
My cure : NO to wheat(follow a gluten free diet)!! YES to Yogurt(Bio-K or other high doses of probiotic)


Bromelain and pure pineapple juice really helps.


Doctors will usually try to put you on a low-fiber diet. The exact opposite is required to cure yourself of colitis. Doctors will try to keep your colitis going so that they can continue to keep you on the drugs and steroids, and possibly end up hospitalizing you, or killing you, which makes a killing for them. Steroids may decrease inflammation, but they also decrease your ability to fight infections and can possibly take such a toll on your immune system that you become dangerously ill or even die. Doctors do not tell you this. I almost died of blood poisoning because I was on steroids and was unable to fight the infection. It wasn't until I got out of the hospital and got off of all medication that I began to heal. If you do not go to the root of the problem and do not change your diet and keep it changed, if you choose to remain on the medication and steroids, then you are guaranteed to remain ill or have frequent flare-ups.

Some of these have been said before, but I will attest that they do cure colitis: lots of fiber, raw fruits and vegetables, psyllium seed/husk, lots of water, bromelain, slippery elm, acidophilus/probiotics, enzymes, and reduced stress.


Drinking cabbage juice and eating cabbage definitely helps to lower inflammation in the colon. This is most important. Vegetable Juice Juice Juice. Yeah it is gross but it helps for sure. Also take Fish Oil. I have found this will get you off those steroids faster than anything. Take a probiotic to assist in digestion. I found when having a flair-up it is a good idea to slow things down by eating a high protein diet, even adding carbs helps me. My 'comfort' food which is suprising is pesto pasta. What I do is ground pumpkin seeds and almond seeds to a dust and add garlic and green herbs. I then add it to a pasta free of chemicals. This slows my digestion and the pumpkin seeds help calm the colon. Also eggs and bananas seem to be tolerable foods when having a flair-up. Stay away from all preservatives all the time, and excess dairy and bread especially during a flare-up is not a good idea. Get things to slow down and then re-introduce slowly veggies and foods with fiber. Personally, I have changed to diet that has no meat in it besides fish. This has definitely helped. Red meat seems to cause inflammation. I hope this has helped.

colitis victim

I have gotten clear results for colitis.
Eating cabbage and drinking the juice.

I believe this is a cure to some degree

Also Acti-zyme enzyme pills really help.

The key I think is to get off prednesone and other harsh drugs.


Take Bromelain, drink pineapple juice, and carrot juice.


Take psyllium and water to cleanse the colon and alleviate constipation.


Take vitamins A, E, K, and B-complex to help in healing the colon.


Rubbing cayenne extract over the body will improve circulation.


Take papaya or peppermint with garlic or goldenseal to encourage digestion and alleviate irritation.

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