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I don't want to give you a long explanation on this matter, but trust me on this, it natural, and it definitely stops the bleeding in ulcerative colitis. It is FENNEL SEEDS, its inexpensive and can be obtained from any asian food store. Soak about half a teaspoon of seeds in hot water and drink a glass full once cool, you don't need to eat the seeds. The water alone works. I carry them with me everywhere just in case. Be sure to keep off foods that upset you, eg Wheat and Gluten. I really hope you try this as its taken me a long time to write this, I have battled UC since 1992 and always looking for alternative cures. Fennel Seeds is the only one that stops the bleeding and its natural. I am not a qualified Dr. or Herbalist but just another suffer who has battled this illness.


This comes for someone who had it when she turned 17 and tried lots of things from acupuncture, homeopathic treatments, diets, pills ect ect

I was never really on medication because after a couple of weeks, I needed to increase my dosage. As a result, I was near death and hospitalized a couple of times for 2 weeks. During that time I never gave up even though I was down to 87 pounds (I'm 52) and in so much pain. Overall, you need to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically to get rid of it for good. You are what you eat, but that is only half the equation. For about 3 years I prayed, sometimes every single day, for a few months every minute of the day, I prayed. You have to have faith in God or in yourself or in something. The way I did it was by being present in the moment (although i didnt know it then), meaning that I would concentrate on my body and not think of anything but instead just aware of my body to where it felt like every single cell of my body wanted to be healthy, wanted to be well. So there you go, the spiritual aspect of it.

As for the physical aspect of it, you also have to do a few things while you are sick, and continue to do them for years because the process is not short and sweet. Stop eating dairy. Eat small meals. Rarely eat red meat. Nothing greasy. Only home cooked meals. Plain, plain food! LOL during college, i would come home and eat boil chicken. NOTHING ADDED TO IT! I would sneak in a dab of ketichup sometimes to make it taste better. My only snack (no junk food, no candy, no processed foods) was plain tortilla chips. I would just eat basic foods. Would I be ok... HECK NO. By stick to that diet, it slowly went away. I started having issues in 2003... in 2008 things changed and instead of rarely having good days, I rarely had bad days. 2010, 2011.. no more blood still visible at times. I went through all of this without medication. Sure, I did take natural remedies but not medical pills.
You have to stick with it long term! There is no easy way out. Clam down, appreciate and be thank full for what you have and pray for a health body.
Tea's really helped. As well as Aloe vera... although that tasted terrible and there's different types so you have to make sure you get the right one. I tired a million teas. It's hard to say which one worked. Making the leaves of strawberry's into tea so one that I think worked.

This is all over the place so i apologize for my bad writing. You have to change on the outside and inside, its the only way you will have a chance to get rid of it. On the outside, you have to eat different (did i mention no alcohol), small meals, no condiments, no spicy. Get down to basic food, like chicken, veggies, and fruit. Just a few a time and then add other things and see what works and what doesnt. Granoal was one that killed me as do protein shakes.

It sucked eating that way, so plain. I would put a cookie in my mouth, saver it and then spit it out. Sometimes I would be so sad and tired of it that I would go to Jack in the Box. But overall I did it right. I was in college so luckily I didnt work. When I worked during the summer and ate lunch outside of the home.. thats' when i would get hospitalized (dramatic because i refused pills)

and you have to change on the inside... just be calm, dont stress, roll with the punches, dont take life too seriously. all sounds very easy but its not. some just leave it in the hands of god. other just realize there is no point in getting stressed out in the overall scheme of things because what matters is that you have a chance, you have a choice, you have it within you to change things.

i recently read a new earth and i would recommend that. also the secrete. they all say the same thing which was what i experienced: be present in the moment and thank full.

I remember just being so sad. Being in school was suppose to be fun but I couldnt go out and drink I could go out and eat so I didnt make many friends. So overall my focus was about 100% on getting better. and I would sit at home, on the porch (i live in texas!) or in the living room and just concerntrate and feel how every single cell in my body wanted nothing more than to be health, than to be normal. than to be strong (you get so skinny its hard to have strength, after a shower i was usually so tired). as they say, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

did i fail i lot yes... i started drinking in 2010 so im sure that slowed the process. but usually (since people cant take no for an answer) i would find ways to get rid of my drik.

anyways, another book is called breaking the vicious cycle.

even after my hosptilization, it took over a year to feel like my body was gaining strength. If you know your body, you can tell it takes a bit longer for the insides to heal after a blow.

I do regret not taking my pills more but it was hard to see what did and didnt work when i took them. just please be careful. be strong. it can be done. i made it. there were times when i would just fall and cry cry cry because i wanted it so bad.

my one big big mistake was living in fear once it was going away. i feared food. i relived my sad story in my head. feared going through it again when i was so close to being ok. the book, a new earth talks about that and how you need to not bring up the past or tell yourself your sad story. Just tell your self 'im a health ___' and mean it. Sure I still cant eat some things, but thats fine, I shouldnt be afrid of food or thinking about what happened and living in fear of it happneing again. the past should stay in the past. so once you get to teh point where you getting better, dont make my mistake.

hope this helps someone.

Jimmy Beard

Don't listen to every story below. I've tried many remedies including Aloe Vera, Juicing, etc...complete with lifestyle changes and all; and my UC still comes back and causes major problems. ALWAYS listen to your doctor and don't go off your medication if you're still in a flare up (unless of course if you're having an extreme allergic reaction). The problem with these remedies is that everyone with UC is so different in how they react to certain foods and medications. Just be patient and know that it might take a long time for you to figure out what works for you. And remember, everyone is out to make money, including the people with the so-called 'natural' remedies and books that 'teach' you how to heal. If there was a one-stop cure for this besides the surgery, trust me, you'd find out about it.


Try lepicol from health shop. For cleansing bowels.


I have had crohn's disease for 2 years and accidentally stumbled upon a remedy. I was determined to find a natural way to treat it, since I believe that the immune suppressing drugs the doctors give only mask the symptoms, not treat the cause. They think it is the body attacking itself for no reason, that the immune system is too strong. But from my personally experience I believe that it is a yeast that my body is fighting, and that my immune system is too weak, so the battle wages on causing chronic inflammation. Well, I bought a drink with soluble fiber in it, and lo and behold, it made my diarrhea go away-which I had constantly for a year and a half. So I bought some in powder form and take it in the morning and at night. It is inulin and guar gum. Thank God I found that. Because no matter what I stayed away from, nothing helped. So I feel the responsibility to pass this information along so it can help someone else.


Coconut milk. You can buy it in cans (Thai Kitchen is the best brand in my opinion), pretty cheap. I make about a quart at a time -- empty the contents of the can into a jar, then fill the rest with water. If you want it sweet, you can add a very tiny bit of stevia (safe herbal no-calorie sweetener). It's tasty. You can also try coconut oil (extra virgin is best). Please do not believe the lies you hear about coconut oil being bad. Yes, it is saturated fat but it is a certain type of fatty acid that is actually healthy for you and the only other source it is found in nature is breastmilk.

It will help heal inflammation and soothe soreness from ulcers in the intestines. Also, I find that it does not have a diarrhea effect on me as some people say it does. It makes me feel good in general, gives me energy. I'm convinced that it's probably the best food/drink/medicine on the planet.


(hope this is helpful)-Ive had colitis since I was 7 and am still battling it 10yrs. later.I have been on just about all the drugs they can put you on for this.Ive also had 2 colonoscopies (not fun).The loss of appetite and diharrea were there but never bothered me very much, but what got me worst of all were the stomach cramps.The pain is sometimes so bad it makes me wish I could just rip off my lower half.But anyway, I have found that drinking 2 cups of 'Aloe Vera Juice' a day, helps bring down immflamation and make cramps alot less frequent.Aloe Vera is also called the miracle plant and so far has been helping me greatly.


I had colitis for almost 2 years and the only thing that seems to help me when i have flare-ups is this take a blender add plain yogurt, salt, ground cumin powder, and fresh tumeric(hard to find but you can try a indian grocery store they usually have it or can order it for you) lots of tumeric!!! might not taste that great but it worked for me i thought nothing was going to help but this did and i still kept taking the med. that was prescribed to me by my doc. I also heard that cabbage juice is good for you and wheat grass shot but i cant keep those down i always seem to throw it back up. Hopefully this helps you


SCD Diet + take the following daily - 4 Wild Salmon & Fish Oil capsules 1000mgs, 4 Acidophilus with bifidus & FOS(Non-Dairy), take a natural source multi-vitamin from a trusted manufacturer, 4 Calcium Magnesium with Zinc and drink plenty of Green Tea or White Tea as they both have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. The above has helped me greatly. Hope it helps you.


I have a bleeding ulcerative colitis.The medicine gave me bad side effects, so I tried to find a natural remedy.The best result gave me bee propolis, boswellia(60-65% of boswelic acid), olive leaf extract(20%standardized),anise seed (for gas and cramps) and 2 caps. of multi-enzymes after each meal. My diet: rice, cheese, potatoes, eggs, boiled of stewed chiken, fish (baked or fried slowly)stewed or boiled vegetables and just recently I added bananas, apples and mangoes. I drink tea with raw honey. So, my diet is wheat free, sugar free and yeast free. My advice is try to read about Philippino diet. It is very healthy.

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