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30 Home Remedies for Colic


give the baby 1 or 2 tsp of chamomile tea in their bottle during each feeding i did this with both of my babies and you will notice an immediate difference. I was very unsure of doing it but my mother in law insisted and it worked wonders


Boil one cup of water then pour over a teaspoon of anise, fennel, or cumin seeds. Let sit no longer than 15 minutes, then after cooled enough for your infant, let him or her drink. Works wonders.

You can also use fresh mint, but only use one or two small leaves, and follow the above directions.


take the first layer of a onion after the flaky layer. then cut it put in a pan of water (about 3 cups of water) then boil it. after it comes to a boil take about 1tp of the water in the baby's bottle of formula and it will help relive gas.


heat olive oil up and rub it on the childs belly in the circular motion.


colic- 2teaspoon of soda pop it helps the baby burp up the gas. And don't heat the bottles, when you heat up the bottles the heat is what causes the gas to build up. room temp is fine.


I found that when my baby was colic, his grandmother made peppermint tea, with real peppermint. Boil the tea leaves and strain and then add water to the bottle, let cool and give to baby. Also I found that a warm bath helped too, or even a warm towel(put in microwave) and then on baby's abdomen helped also. Gripe water...Didn't work at all. Doctor also said that colic only lasts until 4 months..and what do ya turned 4 months and POOF was gone!!


Apply lobelia extract or hops tea to the baby's spine for relaxation.


Get plenty of vitamin B6. Good sources are creamed brown rice or brewer's yeast in applesauce.


Administer catnip, fennel, hops, or peppermint in a tea.


Avoid sugar. Nursing mothers should also avoid sugar.

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