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28 Home Remedies for Razor Burn


hairspray :) spray hairspray on your legs after you shave...then lotion!


I am a woman who shaves my pubic region. for a while i hated that the top of my inner thighs would get bad razor burn. i found out that if you put dove nonsented deoderant applied daily keeps it away. good luck


I find that a bit of tee tree oil mixed with watter in a spray bottle keeps me from getting razor burn, and I got it EVERY time I shaved. Just spritz on after drying off and then moisturize well.


Baby rash cream works wonders. After I shave I rub some on and I never Get razor burn. I buy the cheap stuff at the dollar store.
Good Luck!!


Witch Hazel is a fantastic remedy that my mother taught me!!! But only apply as needed. Good Luck!!! Hope it works!!


Simply put aloe vera on the effected area. This also helps with razor bumps.


Dissolve two uncoated aspirins with some warm water to make a thin runny paste. Put onto skin after shaving, leave on for 30 seconds.


For razor burn and razor bumps, pat the effected area with apple cidar vinegar.

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