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28 Home Remedies for Razor Burn


I had really bad razor burn in my underarms, I tried using many different lotions and oils but nothing worked. I did a sea salt soak like I do with my piercings to get rid of bumps. I got a dixie cup and put in enough sea salt to lightly coat the bottom of the cup, and then filled it with hot water. I used a cutip to spread the water on my underarms. It stung pretty bad for a few minutes, but when I looked at my underarms 5 minutes later most of the bumps were completely gone, and the worst ones were tiny and barely there!


Honey and a triple antibiotic cream beat all the other remedies I tried. Just ten minutes and an advil and I was totally fine.


deoderante will take the burn away instantly!!!


First apply either conditioner or thick lotion to the area you are shaving, and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Shave. Towel dry, and then put distilled vinegar on a cotton ball and pat the area (this will burn for about 30 seconds). Take 600mg of ibuprofen. Let the area breathe, then apply A&D ointment or neosporin. I also used hydro cortisone cream about an hour after I applied the ointment. Works perfectly!!But remember, beauty is pain.


Neosporin+Pain relief works pretty well.


I usually shave my arms in the shower, but had failed to do so today. Therefore, I made the dumb decision to do so after. Upon arrival at work, I noticed my arms were red & bumpy from razor burn & of course I don't have on long sleeves! I put lotion on, which made it burn worse, so I let warm water run over them for a minute and used aloe soap. Then, I immediately searched my purse and found Hydrocortizone Cream to apply. It didn't work immediately lol so my impatience led me to also apply Triple antibiotic Pain Relief Ointment on top of that. I decided to take advil since I know it helps with inflammation. Within 30 min I was pleasantly surprised that my concoction worked! Woo hoo no more redness! Good luck :)


Before you shave, soak the area you are going to shave in warm water. Use shaving cream or soap when you shave. After shaving, apply lotion to the area.


have only tried on underarms but massage oil with soybean sunflower and corn oil with phenoxyethanol and tocopheral. apply generously try small area first for reaction


Razor burn is a medical condition in which the razor leaves tiny microscopic cuts on the area, that get infected. A painless way to get rid of the infection quicker, is to soak the affected area in a wark bathtub saturated with epsom salts, available at any walmart or rite aid. It draws out the infection. It will not cause you any pain. Try doing so for 20 minutes each treatment, till it goes away. Thanks. Hope I helped!

Sally Grempshis

Apply creamy peanut butter to the affected area for 10 -15 minutes. wipe clean and follow by rubbing lemons or lemon juice and sprinkle salt on it. immediately rinse and pat dry. let skin breathe for awhile and it should feel and look 10 times better.

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